GFC update (we're still hustling here at the shop)

Hey y’all,

This might be redundant as I sent it out as an email, but I wanted to post some info regarding the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to GFC.

First and foremost: After a thorough assessment of our working spaces, we are confident in our ability to maintain the health and safety of our staff. That means we plan to continue producing campers without interruption at this time. In the event that we are required to pause production, we have a contingency plan in place that will allow us to temporarily shut down while continuing to support our staff. If this happens, we will keep you informed of any changes to production timelines.

Camper installs and delivery will continue as planned, and will be done so with your safety in mind. We’re keeping the facility, campers, and vehicles sanitized between installs, and White Glove deliveries will be performed with the same level of fastidiousness.

As part of the new rules we’ve put in place to maintain distance and limit contact between individuals, shop tours will be suspended until further notice. For anyone with a scheduled install or delivery, we will be contacting you with the specific changes we’re enacting to ensure everyone’s safety.

We are 100% committed to getting your GFC built and installed no matter how interesting the times. Hopefully soon we can all head out into the woods to socially distance ourselves by choice, not by mandate.

As always, we will keep you informed of updates.


thanks for the update! Im sure lot of people, myself included who are waiting wanted to know


I concur with other posters, thanks for the update. My fear is that in the three days it takes me to drive to Montana for an install the shop would close. Although things can change, the current company statement gives me confidence that I won’t have a wasted trip.

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I’ll be updating folks who have installs/deliveries scheduled first if anything changes, but as it stands we’re still doing our thing!

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Awesome job, GFC team.

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Hey y’all,

Please take a look at this additional update. As always, we appreciate the support! :muscle: