GFC V2 Review: Good and Bad

I was beyond stoked when I found out that I was getting a V2. Once my pick up date had come, I loaded up the truck and made my way out to the GFC shop.

The Good:

  • They started installing the camper on my truck it was an awesome experience to watch. They really know what they are doing when it comes to installing them, and are genuinely fun people to hang out with.
  • It was great how they show you how everything works and what all the features of the tent are.
  • Its cool to see how the company has progressed from their original design all the way to their most recent V2 camper.
  • Its a bad ass camper.

The Bad:

  • I had to wait just about 1 year to get this tent, which is a problem when all of their competitors (also made in America) take 3-4 months to complete your build.
  • After waiting 1 year to get my GFC and driving 1,000+ miles to get it installed (because to have them deliver would be an additional 8 weeks) they didn’t have part of my order. I had ordered my GFC with the additional beef bars they offer. When I got there and asked where they were, “sorry we don’t have that piece of hardware at this time, we will ship it and the bars out to you”. That is absolutely ridiculous when you have to wait a year to get it and are spending a near or even upwards of $7,000. Covid is no excuse. Don’t tell someone their camper is ready if it really isn’t.
  • After making the trek back home with mainly traveling paved roads, and a few dirt trails the main supporting members of the GFC (the new bars that are bolted instead of welded) were already loose and rattling. What kind of quality control is that? They market these campers as being “the most off-road capable tents”, Burghley, design to be hucked” when it can’t even stay in one piece driving home from their factory.
  • The most recent issue is that 1 of the new “quick release fasteners” had rattled completely loose and fell out when I was driving…no idea how im going to fix that. Also, 1 of the fasteners on the passenger side doors is stripped and will not come out.

I honestly do love this tent, but because of all the issues I have had in the short time I’ve had it, it makes me frustrated. I feel as if I have to go around and check every single fastener that is on the V2 because I don’t know what is going to fall out next… Im writing this review so that people have an idea of what their GFC may be like, so they aren’t as disappointed as I was after making it home.


Damn, I’ve been really worried since the switch to v2 for this exact reason. More bolts means more failure points.

I hope they make this right for you and update the process to make sure everything stays in place.

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Yikes, I would be real annoyed about the missing hardware. Something similar happened to me when I picked up my first camper (different company) after having our install date pushed. The guy expected me to pay the shipping for the parts which I argued. I really hope our experience is better as they get more settled into their V2 production.

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Dang. That is a bummer. Have you reached out to them regarding things coming loose? Of all the companies I have been around over the years, customer service is one area where GFC shines. I can imagine you are frustrated beyond belief, and I completely understand. I would just give them a shot to work with ya.

Thank you for writing up this review. As someone who is going to be getting a V2 in a month or two, I am appreciative that you took the time to share your experience. Hope it all works out for ya. Please post updates on how they remedy this situation.

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I am not here to discount your experience and frustration, but things like this happen on new products. There is always a learning curve on new products and how things need to be changed in production/delivery regardless of the testing that the manufacturer has done. V1 had problems and V2 will have problems too. Very few things in life are truly immune from failures—especially when human beings are involved in the assembly process.

Hope you get this sorted out and get back to enjoying it.


Thanks for sharing. Always good to hear people’s experiences with a new product both good and bad.

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Looks like I’ll be packing some loctite up to Montana.


Assuming stainless screws in aluminum, I would use Duralac or something that prevents galvanic corrosion.


Having an early (sub 100) build of the V1, I felt like a guinea pig for 2 years until all the problems and kinks were worked out. GFC to their credit did make good on all of them. Now I feel like I have a totally bombproof camper and have no desire to be a guinea pig again with a V2 . But at least you know GFC will make the needed corrections and won’t leave you hanging.


I agree with @cowboystaco. It was frustrating at times but I’m back to being a very happy camper.

For the assembly of V2 - I’m surprised everything doesn’t get epoxy adhesive before it’s bolted together. Hell - they make cars that way now (for example the Lotus) so you know it’s strong and permanent.

Not that it makes you feel any better but I see that the competition seems to be having growing pains as well. So, I guess it’s to be expected…

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When you say supports you mean the actual rail connections not the caps on the ends? Do the paint marks show the bolts backed out? I picked up mine a few weeks ago and drove 2k highway miles home. I haven’t noticed any of mine loose but will need to check closer! I asked for torque specs when I got mine installed but their answer left me feeling like they don’t have any. Which isn’t confidence boosting.

You’re not alone in your frustrations, I’ve had issues in the corner of my tent. The keder rail plastic that holds the tent in was too short leaving a good hole in one corner. They sent me more to fix but it was a frustrating PIA to get it in its place.

I also have reservations about the rear hatch design and the cheapness/design of the tent locks. But I’m sure I could find issues I didn’t like with the competition as well.

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The bars themselves. The painted bolts didn’t move, but that entire bar was rattling. It is only held in with an Allen bolts.

That sounds like an easy fix to re-tighten the cross member fastener that secures it to the upper or lower frame bracket. Add some loc-tite.


I understand there are going to be growing pains (as was mentioned above) but honestly the ability to “fix” the camper issue by myself, which you have highlighted, is what is really appealing about the V2. I would prefer that stuff not come loose, but I love the ability to not be dependent on a 8 month wait to get to Montana (or a PIT) to fix the problem. If it takes some loc-tite from time to time, I am fine with that. Way better than a broken weld or a broken hinge. There are always going to be issues, these ones in my opinion are just simpler to fix. The V3 someday will follow the same trajectory. Unless I am missing something, the V2 is still a great upgrade over the V1 in my opinion.


yep if I need to fix something myself in the middle nowhere, I’d prefer it would be easy as tightening/replacing a bolt

Just out of curiosity what on the V1can’t you “fix”? There are a lot more farmers with welders than custom made aluminum frame extrusions.


Well now that’s a very good point and very well put.

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Great point. You are correct and certainly everything can be “fixed.”

I was referring to the hassle level involved. My point was that I think GFC is moving forward when they are addressing a couple loose screws versus a whole side door falling off at some random time or having to find someone to do some welding.

Ah yeah very true. Will be awesome if some little bugs are all that pops up. Without a doubt they learned a lot with the V1. I agree with you that the V2 is awesome and a great step forward for them.