GFC Windows in the rain

Hey all,

Coming from a FWC, one of things I fear I’m going to miss most is having a view of the outside while it’s raining (in other words have the clear vinyl layer). Has anyone modded their camper to have a waterproof window or added a clear vinyl layer behind the screen somehow?


ohhh I like this idea… I wonder if it would be easier to add some velcro at the top inside of the outer door and then sew on some zippers with a opening zipper like this on the new vinyl door so you can at least zip up the vinyl door…

Can I ask why the switch from fwc to GFC? I think I ultimately want an fwc down the road.

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I will likely go back to a FWC eventually but for now my Tacoma is my daily driver and keeping the FWC on full time (I don’t have anywhere to store it) didn’t make sense just for weekend trips and the occasional 2 week trip.

I’ve actually had 2 FWC throughout my time. I went from a fiberglass canopy to a flippac to a FWC to a GFC order (cancelled once the doors started to fall off) to a Snap Treehouse to another FWC to a Vagabond order (which I cancelled after communication issues) to a fiberglass canopy and now to a GFC. The FWC was, without a doubt, the most livable option.


I kinda did something to make the rear flap more usable in the rain but not quite what the original poster asked about…another option to think about

4 zipit emergency repair zippers and 600D fabric sewn with #8 zipper tracks to use the tracks already on the GFC and bob’s your uncle.


For about $50 you can add removable vinyl windows

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Although I purchased a GFC primarily to use in Utah (and trips back and forth to there), I live in Southeast Alaska where it rains most the time. My goal is to be able to open the three “doors” in the rain but still have airflow (and have more shade in the sun). This is my current effort that is still in test mode. I’ve got well less than $100 into parts. Still not quite satisfied and am certainly open to input.


I like it! Can you detail the deployment process?

Interesting. Have you used this in the rain with the doors open?

The height of this and the short overhang makes it look like it would not keep rain out.

Right now I have two aluminum billets attached ‘permanently’ to the beef bar. They are drilled to take a short shock corded tent pole (maybe 20"?) on each side and two 1/4" X 4’ aluminum rods in the back. The hexagonal tarp fits over the end of those poles. In order to keep the rear poles apart I cut another shock corded tent pole the length of the rear edge of the tarp as a spreader. For the front two corners I just tie them forward with a short line to a couple of hangers from Lumbering Bear. It only takes a couple minutes to set up/take down but has to be done with the GFC closed, which means no adjustment when the top is open. I’m toying with tarp clips to either guy it better or maybe be able to extend/retract it with the GFC open.

In ‘light’ rain with no wind it does okay. It extends beyond the plane of the tailgate on my Tacoma, so the rear door is pretty well covered. Side doors aren’t covered as well but still okay if the rain is falling straight down. Amazon sells a XXL tarp of the same geometry (this is the XL) that would provide better coverage, but it just feels like it has too much sail area to secure, and I would want a larger diameter rod in the rear if it was longer than 4’. I haven’t tested it in any wind to speak of. Is it a great fix? Probably not, but I like the coverage better than the stock set up.

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I’m trying to envision combining your setup with the gzilla pole/fly setup. To give a lower profile better coverage setup, but still allowing full use of the doors.

I like yours because it keeps the fly setup while having the privacy and closure of the doors if needed. That’s why I don’t have the gzilla setup because you have to remove all of it if you want to close the doors.

I’m still tweaking the bend in those rear poles (among other things) to figure out the right ratio of max view to max coverage. As it is now there is 30" of ‘overhang’ over the rear door and 30" max over the side door (that tapers down to about 14").

I like it! Looking forward to seeing how you tweak your design as you use it more.

Here’s what I did, but I wouldn’t want to do my approach for all 3 doors, it would take way too long to setup. My single door awning gives me cover to get in when it’s pouring rain, and I can attach the GFC side door to the awning, which lets me watch the rain from inside the GFC. I’ve had it on in strong winds too. So far, so good.

That looks like it would provide better protection from the rain and stand up better in wind, but is much more involved to set up. My hope is that all this brainstorming will lead somebody to come up with a simple and effective solution!

yeah, I’m happy with how my awning performs in bad conditions, it’s quick to add and remove to my camper with the twist lock fasteners, but it’s a complicated build. And I don’t know if everyone’s tent door sizes are the same, so it might be a super custom build. Your approach has the potential to be more simple and universal. Pro’s for your design

Probably the best design I have seen thus far tbh. Honestly, I bet you could even create some sort of “annex” with poles and more if one truly wanted to!

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I’m thinking if we combined a couple of these ideas, we’d have some good success. I like what @OverlandKyle did with the wedge material. What if instead of cordura, the wedge shapes were a thicker clear vinyl? Would allow maximum airflow while still having decent visibility. Just pop on a couple of awning poles and bingo.

May have just given myself a lay-off project to try out.