GFC Windows in the rain

Hey all,

Coming from a FWC, one of things I fear I’m going to miss most is having a view of the outside while it’s raining (in other words have the clear vinyl layer). Has anyone modded their camper to have a waterproof window or added a clear vinyl layer behind the screen somehow?


ohhh I like this idea… I wonder if it would be easier to add some velcro at the top inside of the outer door and then sew on some zippers with a opening zipper like this on the new vinyl door so you can at least zip up the vinyl door…

Can I ask why the switch from fwc to GFC? I think I ultimately want an fwc down the road.

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I will likely go back to a FWC eventually but for now my Tacoma is my daily driver and keeping the FWC on full time (I don’t have anywhere to store it) didn’t make sense just for weekend trips and the occasional 2 week trip.

I’ve actually had 2 FWC throughout my time. I went from a fiberglass canopy to a flippac to a FWC to a GFC order (cancelled once the doors started to fall off) to a Snap Treehouse to another FWC to a Vagabond order (which I cancelled after communication issues) to a fiberglass canopy and now to a GFC. The FWC was, without a doubt, the most livable option.


I kinda did something to make the rear flap more usable in the rain but not quite what the original poster asked about…another option to think about

4 zipit emergency repair zippers and 600D fabric sewn with #8 zipper tracks to use the tracks already on the GFC and bob’s your uncle.