Got a loud whistle coming from rear cab window

Hi all, just got the camper and when I’m at highway speeds I have a really loud whistling coming from the truck cab rear window. Has anyone else had this problem?

I have the tundra crew cab with the rear window that rolls down.

If I barely crack the window it goes away.

Just picked up my camper last weekend and I have the same issue. I just leave the back window slightly cracked and it doesn’t bother me. It should still be water tight too.

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Same with my crewmax.

Any updates with this one? I am about to replace our rear window seal to see if that might be the issue?

No, it’s always done it. I just leave the window slightly down (slightly as in you can’t even see a gap between the seal and glass). My guess is that the camper is creating a vacuum or high pressure between the glass and camper causing air to be sucked out or pushed in. With the window closed it’s tight enough to make the whistling sound. Open the window slightly and the air is free to move.

I have thought about adding a wind fairing on the front to see if that helps but haven’t tried.

Heyo @techoguy - This could be as simple as installing one of our Whistle Reducers seen in the photo below. This is a 3D printed part that clips into the drain hole located in the mid-point of your overhang. All you need to do is submit a Service Request Form and our CX team will help you out.

Also, those Whistle Reducers are free for any customer experiencing wind noise from this location.


Thanks Thayne! I was not aware of this. Does this just disrupt the air enough to stop the whistle?

Update: i see others with just the tent have this whistle due to this drain hole. I’m willing to try this mini fairing for that hole, but I think my whistling is coming from the back window. Once you barely crack the window it goes away. Do you know if this Whistle Reducer fixes this on other tundras?

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I can’t speak for the Tundra, but this piece did fix the whistle I heard in my Tacoma. I would wonder if cracking the rear window, even a little, changes the airflow just enough to eliminate the whistle. I’d say give it a try, much easier than replacing the window seal.

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Pretty much. Consider it like a mini-fairing if you will.

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I’ll have to try it out. Thanks!

Same. Just sent in a service request form. Thank you!

Is this device just for V1’s? Can’t seem to find where it should be placed on v2’s?

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Hey @GFCTundra - We made a recent design change to V2’s to relocate this drain and reduce issues with whistling. Regardless, our CX team will do what they can to diagnose this the source of the whistling best we can.

Ok sounds good! Thank you. I assume the next step is to contact customer service? We are here in Bozeman also….

Yep, go ahead and submit an SRF or reach out at

Good deal. Just submitted. Thanks for the guidance and help!

No problem, always here to help out where ever I can.

I have a V2 and just got the reducer to fix the problem on my tundra (which GFC charged me $15) and I don’t see a place to mount it.