Got the new Turbo Nap mattress

Anyone received their new mattress yet? Just got mine and swapped it into the camper. Huge difference in comfort. Two things I’ve noticed and not sure it’s been mentioned by GFC

  • Tent is definitely harder to close for that last inch or so. compared with the old mattress. but it will squish down. Extra effort is needed to push it shut and hold it there. There’s no way you can leave your bedding in your tent and be able to close it with this new mattress and all it’s pieces. The old two inch foam you can. Recommend doing one side at a time unlike with the old mattress, where you can just close it with one arm and latch the latches Also being that the new mattress is thicker, be cognizant of the tent material when closing so it doesn’t get pinched along the edge of the camper. You really gotta make sure the upper clam shell is dead on when closing and trying to close the latches or one side will be easy to latch while the opposite side will be hard (DO NOT TRY TO FORCE IT!) The extra thiccc-ness (yes, it’s three c’s thiccc) exacerbates this so don’t rush while packing up.

  • When putting the new foam into the new covers, pay attention to the foam itself. Look at the foam and look for a seam where they bond to 1" portion to the 2" portion. I didn’t notice on one of the rectangles and had to redo it. The 1" part is slightly stiffer in feel than the 2" part. I believe the 1" part goes down.

Otherwise, this is a great upgrade albeit a bit pricey even at the launch price but hey you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep. Plus it’s really comfortable to hang out in.


Because of your note about price, I just looked at the cost for this mattress and holy smokes $700?? I went to a local fabric store and bought foam pads for mine and swapped them out with the GFC foam that came with the camper, it’s insanely comfy and was like $100 for everything. To each their own, for sure, but wow that’s expensive lol

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The density of the foam is also pretty common. It would be easy to replicate but would require some work. Word on the street is that you can also just buy the covers from GFC without the foam…

I use the @HEST dually long and it’s currently 25% off. I’ve never slept better in the gfc!


@D40 so you don’t think this is true?

Likely not true if the Turbo Nap foam is 3" - I added 3" of lower density foam to my GFC and it’s fairly difficult to close - I wouldn’t want to add bedding on top of that, it already feels like you’re over-forcing the camper to close. Unless Turbo Nap is insanely compressible lol

I need to look into Hest, I’ve heard amazing things about them

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From when I felt it in person, it’s not as compressible as the Hest but for sure a big difference over the old mattress. Not even a comparison to the old one. The Hest is 4 inches and I see some slight bending on the side rails. I asked for a demo from GFC like they did in the old video but I’d imagine with very light bedding you’d have bowing of the side rails still.

So did you remove all of your foam and place the HEST directly on the honeycomb? Does it get in the way of being able to step into the camper from the truck bed, like how difficult does it make it? That’s my only concern. I guess it’s easy to fold the mattress onto itself to gain access.

I did a fitment guide for @HEST and it’s linked here

@julian also runs a Hest mattress in his.

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Oh wow that’s incredibly helpful, thank you! For some reason I thought the Hest would be way more rigid/hard to fold. Much appreciated!

Nope. And when my GF comes, it’s easy to lift that one corner when she is up top still. It’s so comfy and the cold weather doesn’t make it hard. 25% off with their sale also!

lol SOLD, you’ve legit sold me on buying one.


I def recommend carpeting the floor panels also! @nat3060 did it as well and makes a huge difference.


An extra inch of foam plus can still close the tent… Now you got me thinking…

Thanks! It looks like they don’t ship to Canada, unfortunately. I’ll need to come up with a plan lol but much appreciated for the insight into their mattresses!

Do you guys have REI up there? They carry them there as well.

We have MEC, which is basically the Canadian version of REI - they don’t carry Hest, unfortunately. They have another brand called “EXPED” but they’re inflatable foam mattresses.

A Hest rep said that some people ship mattresses to FedEx stores near the border and go pick them up, which is something I might do lol

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Disclaimer: My Hest Dually Long was a sponsored gift as part of a campaign we ran at Hipcamp, I did not purchase it.

With that being said, after running it for a month, I would 100% buy one with my own cash. Not only is it incredibly comfortable, I have also really come to dig the bit of exposed transform-a-floor as a hard surface for stuff (water bottles, etc.)

I have no plans to upgrade to the new GFC mattress.


I got my Turbo Nap (yes, it’s really a huge upgrade in comfort) and I’m working on a review for the forum.

What questions do you want answered?

What would you like to see demonstrated?

Love the honesty as always Julian.