Hammock off of GFC?

I want to hang one end of my hammock off my GFC- does anyone do this? Thinking of either putting a hook on the track, or just using the holes that the slide in bolts go through (when the camper is up). But not sure if it’s strong enough for that.

Great question and I was wondering the same thing myself! Maybe @GFC_Taylor can give some in put on this point?

Here’s some one that did that.

Thanks @crazyfingers for pinging me.

I have hung a hammock off my camper, but off the corner piece and not the utility track. I would say, given the dynamic nature of hammocking, I would recommend a sturdy mounting point like a corner piece and not something mounted to the utility track.

Be warned: if your hammocking is particularly dynamic, you could run the risk of misaligning your tent. While the bottom portion of the tent is certainly sturdier than the upper portion, I would keep things pretty calm in the hammock if you mount it this way.

In conclusion, given my personal experience I can say I have successfully hammocked off the corner piece of my tent, but were I to try to perform any hammock maneuvers (romantic or otherwise), I would search for a sturdier mounting point like a tree.

I should also note this is just based on anecdotal evidence and should not represent a recommendation on behalf of Go Fast Campers.


Thanks Taylor! I’ll probably stick to trees

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I have 1/4" paracord loops at all four corners of the GFC. Simply laced through the existing holes in the aluminum.


Works great for suspending the GFC in winter and for hanging hammocks.