Heaters in the camper

If I never needed an empty truck bed and could have mine setup for camping full time I would set mine up like that.

Oh mine comes out I need the bed quite often… scroll way up and my setup is there.

Ok sweet. So you used a marine style pass through? Link to that? The exhaust pipe under the truck bed is just permanently mounted there and then you have an additional one from the heater to the pass through?

Yup, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09H2RY6BT?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Added another just for air intake as well.

It’s kinda fiddly getting the ports lined up but not bad then I strap it down so it doesn’t move and I am good to go. If I am alone I just leave a square out so the hot air travels up. Otherwise I use my passthroughs I made

Hey all. Like many of you I was looking for a way to bring the hot air from down below into the bedding area. Here is what I came up with.

I added two of these to the camper, its’ built in the overhanging panel. Each one uses two 4 inch ducting pieces and a 92mm fan.

To install this I cut a hole through the panel and through all of the mattress pieces and sheets. I connected the two ducting pieces using rods; acorn nuts at the top and regular nylocs on the bottom. The fans are connected to a switch. This works great highly recommend it to anyone trying to do the same! My heater runs on the second lowest setting down below and brings 90 degree heat up into the bedding area. My coldest night was 10 degrees and it was 70 in the bedding area.


You just need this stuff and it doesn’t matter if your exhaust is sealed properly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Reefer madness


Great idea! I might need to borrow this, as Im getting to ordering my last pieces of my puzzle


That is some funny shit! I wonder if it really works!!!

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Where are you guys getting the soft flexible tubbing from?

I just got this and hasn’t fallen apart yet.

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I cut a 7” strip off one of our square panels and covered it with outdoor fabric. We have an XL width so still plenty of room for two. We were always looking for a spot for water bottles, phones, and stuff too big for the roof storage. But I added the AC Infinity USB vent fans to help circulate some warm air from below similar to @benawheeler.

The original cushion cover is just folded into itself so you can add the foam back and go full width if needed. It’s also nice to just leave the little section out as I have seen others do in the past. When I’m solo I just leave the entire square open.


My 2kw heater uses a 2.5" outlet.

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Ready for power and fuel, and a test prime


FINALLY, got the diesel heater fuel pump DEAD quiet! No more pulsing noise or vibration from the pump. Loudest thing now is the fan and heat blowing through the ducting; which is a nice white noise. A true luxury, well worth the $160. Some pictures below of it installed.

New Pump, hand made by James Smith in the UK.


Also, I noticed when I was snow camping with the heater, I could feel drafts of cold air ingressing from all inside the Tacoma bed. I decided the easiest thing to do was try to seal up the holes with HVAC foil tape. The 1st gen Tacoma has a ridiculous amount of holes inside the bed! I decided on using the less aggressive adhesive foil tape with acrylic adhesive instead of the permanent Butyl adhesive (incase I decided I wanted to spray a bed liner later on).

So many holes under the bed rails.

Sealed up!

Addressed the air gap on the bottom of the tailgate. Bought some reinforced chemical resistant Buna Rubber sheet, and bonded it with some 3M VHB double-sided tape.

Tailgate sealed up.

That’s it for now.


Ok figured out a couple things…

The controller sucks. Too many menus, not enough instructions. Every time I thought I figured it out, it would throw a code. PITA. I want to switch the controller to a knob one that is simple. Plus the LED lights are not bright enough for me. (Might sell some left over parts soon if anyone is interested)

Something is smoking, but it could be the exhaust wrap. It eventually stopped.

There is an in/out for the fuel pump/correct way of positioning it.

In my setup, i need more airflow. Ordering a 12v computer fan when I order the controller.

Last step is to order a hole saw to route the ducting into my bed. I have a few plastic elbows to help get it in.

I think I have $150 on top of the price of the 2kw heater, and including the HF case. Not too bad.

Great long weekend of winter camping in Wyoming. Only people there for days! Sketchy as heck drive home with 50mph winds icing over the roads. Truck was sliding like crazy.

Heater worked great. Cooked and played games and it was upper 60s up top. We did turn it off to go to bed but slept toasty in our 15 degree down bags.

Walls were a bit iced over but over all happy.


Where in Wyoming is this? Absolutely stunning, I’d like to visit when I go out there soon. Cheers

Was just about to ask the same thing. Only so make lakes in Wyoming…

@Bimmerlev @MattS

Haha, I had the same thought and reactions. Girlfriend on Wednesday night found it looking at GoogleMaps and suggested it. It is Alcova Reservoir. We didn’t see a single person all 3 days. Plenty of organized sites on the water but also quit a few we found on BLM land above the reservoir we almost explored. Chose not too since we were alone

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I thought for sure it was Flaming Gorge, looks just like it.