Wood Stove Is The Hot Ticket!

First overnight test. Had 22 mph wind gusts all night with a low of 17 deg F. Stayed nice and toasty hanging out downstairs reading book and drinking tea. I don’t run heat overnight but having warmth to hang out in and a preheated sleeping bag is hard to beat.

The whole thing stows into a tote when not in use so I can still use the full truck bed when not camping.


It’s even more rad than I imagined, Wiley :face_holding_back_tears:! What’s the setup like for the chimney?


That’s a slick setup man!! I love this!

Sweet. I’d love to know how you did the chimney. I’m comparing the GFC Platform to the AluCabin Canopy Camper for which there is a factory accessory to vent a propane or wood stove.

oh man, this is amazing ! Would love to see the in-depth build-out if you have time!


Chimney was pretty simple. i used this stove jack meant for installing it a tent wall:

Just cut a hole and bolt holes in the panel and bolted it in. When the stove pipe isn’t installed I just plug the hole with a 4" PVC cap. Not the most elegant thing in the world but it doesn’t leak and is easy to set up / take down the stove. Inside I used two 45 degree elbows to make the 90. There’s a double wall section where it passes through the silicone boot, then another 90 degree elbow. i stabilize that with a piece of steel cable hose-clamped to one section and looped around the beef rack and tent strut.

When the stove is packed up, the side panel can be opened and closed as usual.

I positioned the stove in the front corner so the chimney would clear the tent roof and not be right alongside the tent fabric.


If you mean wood stove specific I might make a quick video of the setup. As mentioned above it was pretty straightforward. Way easier than a diesel heater install.

If you mean interior buildout then you might be disappointed :slight_smile: My buildout is literally nothing as I like to keep the truck bed free of anything permanently installed. When camping the load varies depending on what I’m doing. For this trip it was just a quick overnight to get out of the house. So I threw in the recovery gear (maxtrax and a bag of straps and whatnot), a plastic tote with all the woodstove parts, a rug, a dog crate with blanket for the pup, some firewood, axe, and folding saw to cut the firewood in half (the wood stove is shorter than most split wood). A solar-powered string light, 10 degree sleeping bag, and a bear-resistant food barrel.


Can’t beat simplicity! My setup is way more complex and I sometimes miss simple. I do have a dedicated truck for camping though, so it’s not like I have to load and unload stuff.

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What type of stove did you get?
Packable seems like a nice feature

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The stove mostly seems like a nice and easy solution.

Did you ever make a video on the setup? I’m be been looking into a small wood stove for mine since it gets below zero for 6 months and a dry heat would be a necessity for any winter camping. I am trying to find a way to dual purpose the vent hole. I’m j winter use it for the wood stove exhaust and in summer use it as a mess vent to allow air in/out for the dog at night.

I haven’t yet. Once cooler weather kicks in I’ll put it back in the truck and make a video. The stove is very nicely made though. It’s perfect if you’re staying put. I almost never camp more than one night in the same spot though so it’s gotten less use than it would if i was posting up somewhere for a whole weekend.


I’m glad to hear that your camping wood stoves worked well for you, even in the cold and windy weather. I can imagine how cozy it must have been to hang out downstairs reading a book and drinking tea with the warmth of the stove. It’s great that you can store the whole thing in a tote when not in use, so you can still use the full truck bed when not camping.