Help removing camper topper

Hi everyone - I’ve emailed GFC support, but realized I might not hear from them before I need to with the holiday and all. Maybe someone here has the answers I need.

The body shop says they need to remove my camper to do the work that is supposed to start this week. Is the bolt marked X in the photo the only one that needs to be unfastened to lift the camper off the truck? I don’t have to remove the entire upper/lower clamp, right?

If that is correct, does anyone know the proper torque to reinstall?

Thanks for any help anyone might be able to provide.


In simple terms, yes.

Torque spec: tight enough :crazy_face:

scary ain’t it? 4 bolts holding everything together with a torque spec of crank it down as tight as you can

When they installed mine a couple weeks ago, I am pretty sure they said 20 lbs of torque.

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There is an actual torque spec in the official manual, I don’t remember what it is at the top of my head but I thought it was in the 40s.

That’s what I remembered, too. And you’re right. It’s in the GFC official owners manual, and it’s in the 40s:


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