Help with Tacoma Suspension

My Method wheels were zero offset. I remember the factory Pro wheels had very slight positive offset (~10mm) so it tucked in the wheel well more. The zero offset brought the wheel out a bit, really unnoticeable. The size I picked was found via Google searches and what various Tacoma sites recommended for no mod no chop tire/wheel changes. I would have liked bigger, say 33", but that is at the point where a diff gear change will be helpful for driveability and mileage.

I have a 2020 SR5, got my GFC, installed Sumo Springs to help since I was in the same boat as you. I didn’t want to lift my truck or mess with the Toyota Engineering Departments years of research. It drove well enough when empty so I figured it would be fine. It sagged a bit when loaded to go camping but again, it was just when camping. It slowly got more and more droopy in the rear, but it happened slowly and I didn’t notice anything dramatic. And then I added a half bed width drawer, about 80lbs. That was the tipping point, I sagged significantly and was riding on the sumo springs and had no rear suspension. It was dreadful to drive, constantly bottoming out and slamming through the Sumo Springs. I did some research and went with the OME sport kit with the Dakar leaf pack.

The difference is night and day. The rear was sagged so much before the lift, it was like a 6" lift in the rear. It handles so much better, is much more comfortable and can handle the weight of my permanent load(camper and drawers) and then loaded down with a few hundred pounds of camping gear it didn’t budge and still drove great. I know it’s not what you want to hear, because it’s not what I wanted to do either, but the suspension needs some attention if you’re going to have anything permanent in the back. In the end it was money well spent in my opinion.

Yeah,I’m not interested in fender chops or re-gearing and do try to stay out of TW! And the Tacoma MPG is less than awesome to begin with.

Taco was definitely sagging with the GFC and gear. Almost went the air bag route, considered the add-a-leaf route, but wound up with new suspension all the way around. Expensive, but the payoff is that the truck rides and handles so much smoother no matter what road I’m on. Would I do it again? Almost a solid yes…

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2020 Off-road Tacoma. Add-a-leaf and front spacers and it’s fine for all the forest service and logging roads I’m on. I do prefer to keep things light so no fridge, cabinets, bumpers, sliders, winches, stadium lights etc.

Hey man - 2021 TRD Pro owner here. I think I have some valuable information for you. I currently have an RSI SmartCap (~160 lbs) and rock a V1 RTT on top of it in the summer (~120lbs) as well as other misc gear in the bed at all times. It sounds like you will be adding even more weight than me and my truck had a very noticeable sag in the rear.

Here is what I found: You DO NOT need to change out your factory Fox suspension in the rear to run the Icon RXT leaf pack. Of course Icon is going to say you need to, haha. I spoke with Fox directly and they said you can upgrade your leafs so long as the new pack does not exceed 2.00" of lift in the rear. Going higher than 2.00" will extend the rear Fox shocks more than they can handle.

So, with my set up, I went with RXT option 1 and the slight rake looks great and it drives like stock. I only got about 1-1.25" of lift, which is what they advertise for option 1. For your weight, I would likely recommend at least option 2 with the AAL put in with the full Icon Pack.

I DO NOT recommend putting in an AAL with the factory leafs. The factory leafs are trash and throwing one leaf in there will not solve your problems and will worsen the ride quality.

Also, feel free to throw 33s on! Tons of Pro owners have had no problem with rubbing, with some needing to do some adjustments. If you plan on seriouisly offroading, you WILL rub. But fitting 33s is much more about caster and offset than it is trimming and such.

But 33s are not totally necessary by any means. Adding 33s plus all the weight you have mentioned, and even a bumper, you will be looking at a regear if you want your trunk to drive somewhat normal. I dont think its necessary with just the Camper and some 31s/265s, but the minute you add 33s, i would recommend regearing to accomodate the weight.

Let me know if this is helpful. Happy to chat via DM to share my experiences with the pro as well!


Thank you, for this! Good to know on the leaf springs. I wonder if this would apply to the Deaver springs, also? They advertise by additional weight I believe. I just don’t want to change out the stock suspension.

I’m also considering airbags. Seems like a lot of pros for using those, as well.

I plan on just keeping the stock tires size. I really enjoy the way the truck drives stock. Normally, I’m tearing everything off my vehicles and doing top of the line builds. Don’t feel like it this time.

Thanks for the detailed feedback! Gives me more to think about.


Yep, Deaver can make accomodations for the factory Fox suspension as well. There is a user on Tacomaworld by the name of Bray1197 who had Deaver work up a custom leaf pack to match the Fox suspension, more on his build here → Bray1197's 2017 Tacoma TRD Pro Overland Build | Tacoma World

Airbags sound great, I have never used them. But the ability to adjust your support on the fly sounds cool and tons of people have great things to say about them. For leafs, I would definitely recommend Icon or Deaver before Dakar, I have just heard too many negative reviews regarding Dakar leaf packs or AAL.

Just chiming in on the Deaver. I am running a Stage 3, which is over kill due to my old set up, but they are known to squeak a lot and rust an absurd amount. This is def the case with mine. Normal rust for Montana but the squeak is much worse than my old Dobinsons. I probably would go with the dobinsons again before getting the deavers tbh. Gotta carry tri flow lube with me at all times haha.

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I agree, 100%

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Another satisfied Icon RXT buyer over here. Setting 1 was perfect for an empty bed+GFC and stock shocks, and I’m about to go up to option 2 or 3 now that Ive added drawers and more everyday weight. Massive improvement in ride quality compared to OEM leafs and no squeeking whatsoever after 2 years. Hard to beat for $580.

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I’ve ran the RXT’s and they are a good bang for the buck, but Deaver is still the benchmark IMO. Only have had one buddy keep his Dakars. I know about 4 or 5 other people who have had them sag or squeak too much to the point where they switched them out for another option. YMMV

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Thanks, to everyone! I appreciate all this feedback. Still leaning towards airbags, but we will see if that changes.


Are you going to be fully loaded all the time? Medium rear springs are for anyone carrying 300-600lbs FULL TIME. Heavy springs are for 600+ lbs full time. I just ordered airbags because I was bottoming out with the GFC topper, 2 passengers, 3 bikes on a 1up Rack with swing out and 5 days worth of clothes and bike gear.

Airbags are adjustable so you can deflate them to 5psi when empty and then pump them up when needed!

Sorry to bump an old thread but I see several people with Icon RXT leafs here. I’m thinking about doing a setup of Bilstein 6112’s up front, 5160’s rear with the RXT leafs.

I’m curious how much lift you got with pretty much just the GFC and maybe a few minimal things in the bed, and what that settles to with full camping gear loaded, and what setting you have the RXT’s on?

This will help me determine what level to set the 6112’s to, and which level to run the RXT’s.

Anyone dislike the RXT’s, or have issues with squeaking? Anyone think I should save the money and just do an AAL?

I can’t speak to the Bilstein setup, but I do run the RXTs at Stage 3. I installed prior to having the GFC and it definitely lifted the rear a bit (~3") and was rough. Since adding the GFC I have also installed a DECKED system, which I keep loaded all the time, and I’m really liking the setup. Probably somewhere around 500# constant load between the GFC, DECKED, and gear. Now that everything is settled I’m probably fairly close to factory rake, just taller.

As others have stated, the RXTs do squeak, and I find it more so when they’re dry/dusty. I’ve found a good wash and some lubricant usually fixes that issue.

For reference, I’m running FOX 2.5s with reservoirs on the front and 2.0s with reservoirs on the back.

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That’s super helpful. I’m thinking I will go stage 2 with the RXT which should put me right around 1.5-1.7” over Factory and target 1.7” of front lift with my circlip settings to maintain factory rake daily and level out more with a heavy load.

Did you do other things like an angle shim under the leads, ECGS, front diff drop, or carrier bearing spacer?

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I did the ECGS Bushing and nothing else. Haven’t had any issues so far, but seems like everyone has a slightly different experience.

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