Hike Camp Shoots Tacoma KISS build

Hey there everyone GFC build 5912. Purchased new (yay Black Friday sale) install date 4/18/24. Did a quick turnaround from AZ to Belgrade and back. Initially was scheduled for Aug install to coincide with our upcoming NP tour and extra week in MT looking for a possible future home.

Ultimate goal with this build out is keeping it simple yet functional for mostly weekend trips and usually 1 long 6-8 night expedition style trip with the guys every year. I come from a backpacking background so I’m used to oz=lbs and trying to keep things necessary but light and prefer to camp simple not extravagant.

Base truck build out
2018 TRD Offroad with tech and premium packages.

RCI engine and transmission skidplates
RCI sliders 20 degree with top plates
Packrax bed stiffeners.

Suspension, wheels and tires
Fox 2.5 DSC front/rear Factory Race Series
14 inch 600lb Eibach springs
RXT leaf pack currently stage 2
Durobumps bumpstops
SCS Ray 10s in Gold finish 17x8.5 -10 offset
Toyo Open Country RT Trails 275/70-17
ARB single compressor in expedition essentials driver side bed mount.

Caliraised 32 inch hidden lower grill lightbar
Rigid SAE fogs (will be moving to yellow SAE BD)
Chase lights BD squadron sport S2
Coming soon BD squadron ditch lights on RCI brackets

Exterior/Interior/convenience mods
TRD pro grill
TRD pro shifter
Amazon center console and glove box organizers
Blackout emblem overlays
Packrax flair tailgate panel.
Master Tailgater dashcam and LCD rear view mirror replacement.
Built Right industries front bed molle panel
Rago Fab T track shovel/axe mounts
Sherpa Animas rack- to be added maxtrax

Current GFC specs and mods
Black panels no windows
Tangerine tent with side doors newer style with the lower pockets and additional tent material on the bottoms of the windows.
Turbonap mattress with @WrinkledPants Overland softgoods plaid sheets
Hardkorr led light bars downstairs x3 1 single led strip upstairs
Built custom bed plate out of 1/2 inch birch covered with marine grade carpet
@Buhlockaye latch covers
Interior grab handle from etsy
@jedgar tent pull down and soon to be ordered Interior step along with drip rails
ARB fridge slide
National Luna 50L dual zone fridge
Dometic 11L water container with matching faucet
Camper power
Ecoflow delta 2
Ecoflow 220w folding portable solar panel for in camp camp charging.
Dometic 12v outlet for alternator charging when in motion. Ran off a relay to ignition power on.
Vrnclr bedding catch

Future plans
Waiting on @AERONAUT hoverquilt restock (great meeting you at AZ expo)
Propane and camp kitchen- no more cooking on backpaking stove
Yeti 60 go box to house stove/cooking gear and dry goods
Propane fire box for fire ban season

Any way here’s some pics from install day to now

Pics from last years northern AZ trip. GFC had been on my mind for a couple years already but this trip sealed the deal once i got home started getting finances in order to be able to pull the trigger on one and in November i was able to.


Such rad shots Matt!! And so good to meet you at Expo West. Any chance you’ll make it to PNW?

What a build - I love it. Simple > complicated

And today’s the day! Just launched the new colors and updated hoverquilt! :rocket:

For awnings … and simplicity’s sake, we’ve actually really loved our Moonshade. Keeps the exterior clean with less attachments and you can put it on any side you need it. Easy to set up / take down, light, packable. Got a couple now. Even used it without a vehicle with a tree at a soccer game once!


Can’t make it to PNW headed back to WY/Mt for two weeks then a week in Utah for this year’s overland trip

And I’ll get a duo ordered this weekend what’s the forum code again? forgot to ask you at expo

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That sounds awesome! Such an amazing time of year up there - can’t wait to see pics!

GOFAST10 lands you 10% off + free shipping :zap:


Hoverquilt duo arrived today. Very impressed right out the gate. Can’t wait to get out for a few nights again. No more sleeping bags is gonna be awesome

Also installed some cooler tie down mounts to secure the eco flow in the bed. My biggest complaint so far about the eco flow is only 1 12v plug in. Rather lose 3 ac outlets and gain 2 additional 12v outlets. Maybe in the future they release a more overland specific version. Anyway to solve that issue bought a Kickass products 1 into 3 12v plug in and mounted that on the wheel well next to dometic power supply