Hinged front window?

Anyone know of a company that makes a front window that’s hinged, so that you can access the cab of a truck from the bed? I have a Toyota Tundra and my cab back window completely comes down. I’m getting rid of my shell that had a hinged front window. Came in handy all the time. Would like to find one for a GFC v2 that I’m picking up this weekend. Thanks.

As far as I know there is no known solution for this.

Thanks. I’m reaching out to auto window companies about this. Worst case, I may have to make it myself.

Could try a generic rv window

Soooo, found a company that makes a pop in window for truck shells. I explained what I was looking for, window for front of the GFC that can open. They have template sized windows (rectangle/trapezoid shape) for truck shells that would require cutting a larger hole. It pops in, with adhesive, water tight and it has latches so it completely comes out. Not hinged but would work. $600 plus $57 shipping anywhere in the US (right now running $100 discount)

If you want to use the original window/hole, they would just need a perfect template of your window, ship it to them and it’s a couple hundred more due to the template making, design, etc. More labor.

Ask for Ben and mention my name, Kevin, and he’ll know exactly what you’re looking for. I’ll be ordering in a couple weeks and will post pics.


FWIW, this isn’t necessary for hauling lumber, but for those guys with long fishing rods, surfboards, or other hobbies with long gear, this is ideal.

This may not work for you, depending on the size, because of the cross members on the back wall.

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Thanks for the heads up. I planned on waiting for the GFC to be delivered/installed so I can see what I’m working with, then go from there. If I have to pay a little and use the OEM triangle window, so be it. I need to have the pass through to secure some gear on some trips.

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I think it would be an awesome addition but I believe the window that GFC uses is the max size that will work.

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I don’t have the window so I may be wrong, but I think you’ll have to have something custom done.

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If I have to pay extra for the triangle or some other window shape to make it work, it’s worth it for me.

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Definitely post pics of the process and finished product!

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I would be worried that they stopped making them since 1991 based on their photos.

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Yes, exactly - I would really like a front window opening option so I can lock my surfboard or fishing pole in the truck.

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I’ve contacted GFC to ask how best to remove the front window, or alternatively, if they can take a window for a V2 and trace it on a piece of paper and send it to me. I’d rather know how to take that window out, since I’ll have to do it anyways to install the frame. Any one here ever had to remove it for any reason?

Hopefully someone else with experience will chime in, but i think the rear is simply held in place with the gasket. I think you very carefully pry to remove, but again I haven’t tried it.

Found a guy in a FB GFC group who removed his and leaves it out…not sure how that works when it rains…but he said he peeled back the rubber molding and slowly pulled the window out. I remember doing this about four decades ago as a teen when I customized old VWs and it was the same. Typically you pushed the window in a corner and once it released from body panel/frame, you slowly pulled it out. We used the string/fishing line method to get them back in but the company I recently contacted that can make the frame said the new frame pops and has a sealant. After that, the window can pop in and out with latches.

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I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

I can’t tell if this was already solved, but I found this removable after-market window: CABSIDE Window Retrofit - Super Pacific USA

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This would work if you do not have a window on the cab side of your GFC, as you’d cut new opening to fit this window. Only other issue would be is if this is bigger than the the current window, as it would not clear the GFC frame.

The one I’m considering (may have to wait…I’m slowly becoming broke from the other GFC mods), is that it would use your existing glass window but have a new frame that would make it removable. So it uses the OEM hole and fits around the frame. Cost is more up front, but I suspect a window that does not already fit would require additional costs to make it fit.