How are you insuring your GFC?

How is everyone getting their GFC insured?

I am having a heck of a time with our current auto insurance as they don’t want to insure under RV (Clearly that makes sense as it doesn’t have a VIN# or an engine) but they are straight denying other options.

The insurance company doesn’t want to insure as an accessory and seem to not have another category for insuring items like a GFC. I asked how they insure something like a slide in pop up camper or a pull behind pop up camper but am still waiting on a response.

Thanks in advance!

Yet another item on the list of all the fun add-on stuff they add to the ‘customized equipment coverage’ addition to the main policy.

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Mercury allowed a “non factory” upgrade for the GFC and beef bars. It was an additional 160 for the year.

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Statefarm was super easy. They just asked me how much I paid for it. $40 more a year for coverage.

Was that an added equipment policy? Id love to take the specifics back to my broker as State Farm is a bigger company so that reference point should be helpful

Sorry got my wires crossed. Allstate not Statefarm but still one of the big ones.

Yeah additional equipment. Told them I had a camper in the back and that was it. Pretty painless and quite a bit less than I expected.

Just as a PSA, I added my camper to my Geico insurance and about a month or two later they are dropping my truck and asking me to talk to their RV specialists. Will be switching to State Farm.

Is it really a “camper” for insurance purposes? It’s a canopy with a hinged roof. Campers weigh thousands of pounds and have kitchens and furniture.

I insured mine as a custom truck topper - same kind of idea that you see some guys in construction running. All the insurance needed was pictures of the unit and a bill of sale and they were happy to add it to my policy as an accessory.

Good to know, thanks. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what Geico thinks once I get my GFC.

Mine has its own policy through my insurance company. Even list the serial number, address of GFC, and what options I have. Covers everything inside and attached to it.


Just as an FYI I ran across a company at Overland Expo called Tredder that insures RV’s. Haven’t used them but their address is

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Just an FYI after reading my policy and background of 15+ years in the business working in an agency and as an auto adjuster.

Read your policy. Understand how terms like camper are defined as well as custom/optional equipment. Also read the exclusions for each.

I cannot speak to everyones carrier, their specific policy definitions or coverage options. They may vary between companies and even states within the same company. So just be 100% sure what you are paying for covers what you assume it does. As a fail safe if you are not sure and going by your agents advice I would recommend sending an email with the question vs a phone call when you get a response in writing save that email as it could save your butt later if a coverage issue arises and they try to deny coverage saying what you purchased does not apply to the GFC. By presenting that email from the agent they will have to honor it under E&O.

One big factor may be the fact the gfc is serialized. With my carrier this placed it in the camper category. Had i assumed it falls under optional/custom equipment the exclusion for not being permanently mounted comes into play and could have caused issues.

I was wondering about this issue as I was bombing through a very windy Montana on my way home from Moab this past week. The serial number part is interesting. Most of my recent “normal” toppers have also had serial numbers. It’s weird that this is a deciding factor. Lots of things that are not campers have serial numbers. It seems irrelevant.

USAA made the whole process very easy.


How did they insure yours? And what did they ask for from you to insure it? I’m getting my GFC installed in a week and getting ready to reach out to USAA to see what it would look like.

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Interested to see what they say i also will be using USAA

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I made it way more stressful than necessary. I also use mine as a mobile office, so the conversation was way more in-depth than necessary. She said they insure truck caps/camper bodies at no extra charge.

I forgot to add that I gave them the details of manufacture, the fact that it did have a serial number and offered bill of sale but didn’t need to submit anything.

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Just got mine insured ahead of time via chat with an agent and it was a breeze. All they asked for was “the year, the make, and the sticker price” and then he listed it on my account and confirmed that I am fully insured at full value for no additional cost with my current policy.


i need to call USAA and do that.