How are you insuring your GFC?

How is everyone getting their GFC insured?

I am having a heck of a time with our current auto insurance as they don’t want to insure under RV (Clearly that makes sense as it doesn’t have a VIN# or an engine) but they are straight denying other options.

The insurance company doesn’t want to insure as an accessory and seem to not have another category for insuring items like a GFC. I asked how they insure something like a slide in pop up camper or a pull behind pop up camper but am still waiting on a response.

Thanks in advance!

Yet another item on the list of all the fun add-on stuff they add to the ‘customized equipment coverage’ addition to the main policy.

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Mercury allowed a “non factory” upgrade for the GFC and beef bars. It was an additional 160 for the year.

Statefarm was super easy. They just asked me how much I paid for it. $40 more a year for coverage.

Was that an added equipment policy? Id love to take the specifics back to my broker as State Farm is a bigger company so that reference point should be helpful

Sorry got my wires crossed. Allstate not Statefarm but still one of the big ones.

Yeah additional equipment. Told them I had a camper in the back and that was it. Pretty painless and quite a bit less than I expected.

Just as a PSA, I added my camper to my Geico insurance and about a month or two later they are dropping my truck and asking me to talk to their RV specialists. Will be switching to State Farm.

Is it really a “camper” for insurance purposes? It’s a canopy with a hinged roof. Campers weigh thousands of pounds and have kitchens and furniture.

I insured mine as a custom truck topper - same kind of idea that you see some guys in construction running. All the insurance needed was pictures of the unit and a bill of sale and they were happy to add it to my policy as an accessory.

Good to know, thanks. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what Geico thinks once I get my GFC.

Mine has its own policy through my insurance company. Even list the serial number, address of GFC, and what options I have. Covers everything inside and attached to it.


Just as an FYI I ran across a company at Overland Expo called Tredder that insures RV’s. Haven’t used them but their address is

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