Ideas on Gear Storage Bags mounted near Front Window

Coming back from my last outing I realized it would be so nice to have a his and hers toiletries bag mounted on the front panel near the window.

Blue Ridge seems to fit the bill.

Does anyone thing it’s realistic to mount the Velcro mounting plate to the front panel without using screws or rivets and expect trouble free use?

I don’t think I could muster the courage to drill through camper for this type of item, so would consider a glue to mount the panel, but defiantly don’t want to deal with it coming unglued in 100 degree heat.

Other ideas?



There are various options like these.

This seems neat They make a bunch of stuff for the GFC’s. If it is in your budget that is $$$

I would love to own this type of pouch, but holly smokes. I thought the price included a pair and even then I couldn’t not justify the price tag.

I know I’ve seen a post on this forum where someone attached a metal molle panel of sorts to the front bars. Going this route would give me more flexibility in attaching a storage solution.

I’ve email blue ridge on my question as well. I’ll post the reason when I hear back.

One option is to use wire ties and mount a welded wire panel to the space frame. The bags shown are bicycle panniers.


Well I am told by Blue Ridge Overland that, “ any Industrial contact adhesive would work, in theory.” Even gorilla glue apparently. Not exactly confidence inspiring but maybe I will take the chance. Would dread have to deal with runny glue or mounting plates coming lose.

VHB tape would probably do the trick, and probably better to deal with than glue

You could hang the whole GFC from one weldmount fastener and they are rated to 250°

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