Install day question: plug&play TL option?

heya! Install 9/9 driving up & back from SC with a month of rambling out there to shake down the rig, in case anything needs adjusted, before I head back east.


  1. for temporary break light hook up to stay off radar crossing the country… do I need a certain length of pig tails, adaptor, extension to hitch outlet? Darkhorse is booked, and awesomely trying to find a sub to handle for me, before I head out from Belgrade, but want a backup solution with me, jic.

  2. Any recommendations for pup boarding near glacier or yellowstone so I can get some hiking in there too? besides the state parks & NF we’re hitting so we can both hike…

2b. best ones of those (SP/NF to see?)… 50+ SPs alone is a lot of research!

  1. Any recs on things you wish you brought/ knew/ or don’t miss campsites etc. for/near the install timeframe?

Pup & I are avid backpackers & long haul road warriors so feeling pretty solid on gear…I got an airbnb for a couple days so I can store all my gack, remove my current storage setup, get the rig on and spend 2 days geeking out, setting it all up before we head to Fairy Lake for the last week of the season!

Appreciate any offers of info, excited to have found the perfect balance of tool & toy AND a community of ‘accessory enablers’ to go with it :wink:


For the brake light you just need a 10mm socket to remove the bolts holding in the taillight. GFC gives you everything else you need. I have seen a plug and play adapter mentioned on here before but I just used the pigtail adapters from GFC and these directions.

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much appreciated! will definitely save for later!

for now I’m specifically looking for an interim plug-n-play option right from the shop, so I can concentrate on setting up my gear/rig the two days I’ll have a driveway & sink, before it’s all campsites for weeks and a couple thousand miles to home!

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They give you self tapping leads. It’s real easy.

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And the process takes…. 5 minutes tops?

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I also used dielectric grease for corrosion and it is very fast, but mine is an 06 Tundra. Need to make the connections permanent with solder and heat shrink at some point

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