Installing v1 gfc

Being prepared!!
Picking up my GFC V1 in a couple weeks, we will be taking it off another truck… i have on order new gasket, is there any tips or tricks i need or should use for transferring gfc to my truck? Saw horse stands etc? Just want to be prepared, don’t think i will have access to crane or anything?

As you tighten down the brackets, do it a little at a time on each one or you will end up with an uneven camper.


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hey @Ld07, check out this thread for a bunch of info on what to do to prep your truck. I bought a used V1 last year and was able to transfer from one truck to the other with the help of 3 strong friends.

Literally did this 2 weeks ago. easiest way was with 4 2x4s. parked the trucks close to each other. lifted the camper high enough to put 2 of the 2x4s under it then used 2 2x4’s to span the difference between the trucks, then slid it over, once it was fully on the 2 span 2x4’s we moved them over to the new truck and slid it the rest of the way over. then aligned it to the front as best we could, took out the front 2x4 then the rear… made it much easier and wasn’t stressed about dropping it.


Hey Scott thanks! Appreciate the direction,

I have to agree with @ScottH . Slide 2ea 2x4s under the front and back amd have 3 other friends help you lift it over to the new truck. Easy peasy.