How transfer a GFC? - Buying Used

Hey Guys -

I am picking up a used GFC in 2 weeks and would like to get some feedback from others that have purchased used, how did you make the swap?

Did you just get a bunch of friends to show up, everyone grabs a rail at a corner, and muscle it onto the new truck?
Did you build some sort of wooden fixture to lift the camper?
Did you pay someone to help you?

The seller and I live on opposite sides of the country, and are meeting in the middle.
Option #1 is ideal distance wise, but we don’t have any friends that can help.
Option #2 is farther away, but I do have some friends that can help.


we used 4 people - two inside with the tent closed then you can use more leg power to lift - have to be careful of the overhang and the sat antenna.
make sure you have the appropriate seals - 2nd gen tacoma to 3rd gen requires and extra piece of seal across the headboard for example
should get new thread lock nuts too - is best.

seal advice here

I made the transfer between my truck and the seller’s truck with us and two friends, each person on a corner. It’s very manageable with 4 people. It might take a bit of effort to break it free from the bulb seal, but once that’s done its not hard to move. Plenty of places to grab and lift the tube frame.

A few other tips:
Get a new bulb seal from one of the links in the thread that linked above. Measure the center to center distance between the camper tubes that lie along the bed rails. That measurement should be your guide to laying down the new bulb seal on your truck. You want to aim to have the frame tube lie right in the middle of the bulb seal.

The rear hatch seal is different between 2nd and 3rd gen tacomas, the latter being a much smaller piece. If your truck is not the same gen as the seller’s, you’ll need to get a new one of these. I’ve heard you can reach out to GFC and they’ll sell you one, or you can buy directly from trim-lok. I think DD1201 is the product# for 2nd gens (the picture on the website looks correct but I can’t confirm).

If you have a 2nd gen, some people recommend getting new bed rail caps from KB Voodoo. I bought them, but they didn’t show up in time before I installed the camper. It’s sitting on the stock plastic bed rail caps and they still look fine - no bending or warping.

Do the deal at your local camper shell dealer and have them use their forklift, takes <5 mins.

Throw the guy $20 and call it done, that’s what I did when I bought mine used. - Thank you for the insights - Super appreciated.
I will definitely be getting new seals and thread lock nuts.

@yeezus - Really appreciate your nitty gritty here - very confidence inspiring to be hearing these experiences from others that have gone thru the process.

@Beater_Bimmer - That is GENIUS. Thank you, will be looking into this.

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