JE Design & Fabrication GFC accessories

Wanted to start this thread as a unified place for things, since I now have a few products. This will be where I give all existing and new product updates. Hopefully this will stop me spamming the forum with updates on multiple threads.





Update StepUps and MagSpots…
Oregon is currently being hit with a winter storm and all the raw materials that were supposed to be here Friday got delayed. I was planning on getting a ton done this weekend but that is not happening now. Hopefully everything comes Monday, and I’ll take a day off work and crank out as much as I can.

Update HatchLatch
I have the same issue as above with all the raw aluminum so will still hit the March 1st date no problem, but wont be going out as early next week as i’d hoped.

Thanks for the understanding and please reach out if you need to!


Were you ever able to get a video clip of the latches that we spoke about? If you don’t have any material maybe you have time to make that video now. Thanks to you I will be keeping my V1 for the summer. Who knows maybe even longer if you keep pumping out these needed mods. Keep up the hard work and appreciate everything you’re doing for us V1 users.


@crazyfingers I haven’t yet because I am waiting for the final production parts, but still planning on a little video and some instructions.


Locking knob proof of concept. Have a ways to go to make it useful, and it is not going to be as easy as I’d hoped.–TH0BBLl3-X4L2G5WQ/view?usp=drivesdk


Another great idea!!! Im alway worried about what would happen if that tab broke.

Wow. Great concept for a locking mechanism. Super cool way to solve that problem. Really cool idea. I hope that design proves to be workable. Geniously simple. I love it.


@jedgar yeah! looking good, way to take a thought to a possible solution!

looking good - as people who recently had the factory mech fall out on a trip (not sure how that happens) this looks super good

@ace7196 Yeah that’s the exact part. The plan was to just buy that, some stainless 1/4-20 all thread and be done, the share it with everyone, but the knob is a bit to big even once I ground it down as thin as I could. Trying to figure out a solution to make it work, or a housing for the mechanism to make it smaller. Maybe even just a wedge washer since there is some play in the GFC slot.

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I liked the idea of the same knob being there all the time, but will see. That bit would work for sure and cheap!

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Not sure. The unlock tool is so big I think it would hit the extrusion.

heh, by “sweet metalworking skills” you must have meant angle grinder skills :grinning:


Added some install instructions to my site. Will also send these out with all shipments.

Thanks to @crazyfingers for the idea (video installs coming once I can get my wife to stand out in the cold filming) :wink:


All StepUp and MagSpot orders will ship out tomorrow morning, including if they were part of a HatchLatch order.

Unfortunately all the cut aluminum for the HatchLatches is still stuck in the bowels of FedEx somewhere.


You Da Man Josh!!! Loving the effort, design and the results, big fan brother! Keep the ideas coming………




Love it! Thanks for the pics, I love seeing product installed.

HatchLatch Update:
FedEx truck with the raw aluminum rolled over in the storm (everyone is ok) and is in a tow yard somewhere along I5 :roll_eyes: A new shipment on the way and should still get everything out by March 1st. The first 10 people that ordered should be receiving theirs next week!

Overall Update:
In order to focus on the job that actually puts food on the table I am not making any more parts for at least a few weeks, so what the site shows in stock is what I have available. It will block ordering after the available stock is sold. I am still working on quite a few new ideas that will hopefully turn into something cool.

Again thanks for all the orders and support. You guys are awesome.


Can I just sign up for the monthly Josh Edgar Designs GFC subscription box? :wink:


Ha! I appreciate the support!