Jeep Gladiator Build

Just drove 4400 miles round trip to have the camper installed. We were too time limited to camp, but can’t wait. We were really please with the installation process. We were in and out in 30+ minutes. We are just starting the build with only the 2" Mopar lift installed thus far. We plan to keep it simple for daily truck use. Any other gladiators out there? Have only seen @jt_fast.


Great looking truck!

My camper was 3/4s of the way through the build process. Was going to pick it up next month. They called me and told me they switched it to a V2 build. Now I’m looking at a June build date for my gladiator. Bittersweet I guess.

Looks sweet! Can’t wait.


Thank you. It is dirty in the photo. I have mild build plans.

Ironically, I received the V2 email when I was on the way to MT. I knew it was an error since my camper was completed in November. If I had had the option, I would have probably waited for the V2. The improvements sound like they would address any concerns I have. Having said that, I really like the camper so far. Just FYI regarding placing the camper on the Gladiator…1) The rear panel rubs the tailgate due to the raised lip on the outside of the tailgate. You have to close the tailgate and panel at the same time. I was not aware of this until GFC showed me during installation. Kinda of a PIA, but mostly makes me worry about binding on the hinge over time. Perhaps the new version will not have this issue. 2) The camper makes the truck kinda squirrelly. I supposed the extra weight has it off balance. This will be resolved with a steel front bumper and winch. I drive very curvy roads during my commute. I have the Mopar 2" lift. I understand the V2 is about 70lbs lighter. Good luck.

I hope they fix the rear tailgate issue. I think the valving on the stock rubicon shocks are a little soft.

I lived out of the back of my truck in a topper for a couple weeks in December/this month. Having the GFC sure would’ve been nice.

Ecodiesel powered.


I have the Mopar 2" lift installed. Like your taste in color tho.

Thinking ahead, when I’m ready to buy again (4-5 years?) I will consider the Gladiator for sure. I’m just afraid it might be too big for daily city driving. Hence my Taco.

Sweet looking rig.

I honestly didn’t notice a difference coming from a 4 door wrangler.

I’m an idiot and disregarded the part where you mentioned your lift.

I should be picking mine up in about a month or so. Glad to see more JT’s out there.

Hows the spacing between the front of the tent and the roof?

@Hunt I thought I got a big bone with a February build and pushed back to May/june. you win. what build number are you?

@brookie0907 I’m jealous of the gladiator. that thing is sweet but only 4 door with 5 foot bed is offered. couldn’t do tiny bed so i went with a ranger

My build number is 1080.

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between you and @Camper1088, I don’t feel so bad

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Thanks bro, at the end of the day… I feel fortunate to be in a position to purchase this “toy”. That said, I sure would like to hear from @GFC_Taylor at his next earliest convenience.

Be well, travel safe.


I’m hyped for V2! I can’t wait.

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I’ll snap a photo and measure.

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Hey, I got one of dem! My installer flipped the gasket around on my door… just have to close the tailgate first on closing and open the tailgate first on opening… still kinda frustrating… I’m looking at trying a small bulb gasket to fix this. Also replaced my brake light with a scene light operated by my battery powered aux switch… that’s been a very handy mod. Congrats!

Edit to add) look into the hellwig rear sway bar, should stiffen up the rear some.

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Here are some not so great pics. It is about 1.75” on the outside and probably 1.5 in the middle. I like that it is tight rather than have a large gap like on some installs.


That’s perfect thank you! That’s what I was thinking, much closer to the roof. Which is awesome.

Thank you man!