June 18

Just saw GFCs social announcement for a June 18 release. So far it looks like new/upgraded latches. What else could we be expecting… :thinking:


Looking forward to it!

Video just dropped! In You Tube. Link came in an email this morning. Lots of awesome upgrades! Congratulations to GFC on excellent customer responsiveness and thoughtful design upgrades. Mine won’t be ready for a couple of months but I will definitely change my order to the fabulous upgrades. Thank you GFC. Looks like a home run!


So where do we find out about the latches?
Is it going to be on the site as an upgrade option eventually?


According to GFC, the latches will not be an available upgrade for current V2 owners:

Anyone else planning on changing their tent color when they upgrade? I think it’s time for me to move from Stone Grey to the bright orange…

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I was thinking about the same. Probably won’t though. Hell I don’t know.

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I just told my wife today maybe we should try orange. I like to lay low, but the dang orange keeps drawing me in.

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That was my reasoning, too. But as it turns out, everywhere I camp, it’s really obvious that I’m camping, so it’s not a big help that way. When I sleep stealth, it’s with the tent closed - and that works well enough.

Also for me in SoCal, even when closed, the GFC is a people magnet, and to be honest I kinda love demoing it to people and showing people how it works. Nothing stealth about that, either.

So in the end, I’m going to try an orange tent in person again soon and make up my mind.

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That orange do be looking sweet in everyone’s photos, I just wonder about light leaking through. I do like to sleep in occasionally.

No upgraded latches…bummer.

I gotchu…


Love my orange

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I’ve never understood the stealth reasoning. Like I’m either out in blm with no around or I’m in a campground. The tent sticks up so high in the air I think it sticks out regardless of color! I love the orange.