Just got an email V2

Just got an email I’m getting a V2.

I’m torn. I was sold on the old design but the new setup looks sweet. seems they really listened and took care of some the problems



Well, of course I knew that revisions would be coming, but it still makes me a little envious to see the scale of upgrades.

Nice work, GFC.

Same here. Some great updates. Can’t wait!


Did they mention having the ability to choose from the new panel colors and tent fabric options?

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How do we know if getting V1 or V2 ? Or just need to send them an email?

Edit: i got the email. V2 for me. Now i need to rechoose my colors

They just emailed me to let me know I am being switched to v2.

Loving the locking top, ability to open the rear hatch from the inside, removable panels is huge for my mtb shuttle days or even just to be able to go to home depot for some wood without leaving the hatch on.
V2 color options:

I wish I could see what the colors actually look like on a vehicle before deciding. I might go with the premium grey if I knew but I think I will stick with the matte black.

Not really trying to stick out and stealth is key for some of the places I’m planning on camping. As cool as it would be to have an orange space frame and a tangerine tent fabric hmmm.

Great job on the changes guys! Looking forward to being one of the first to try out v2!


I am stoked! My camper ought to be one of the first with the new design. I was tempted to do the tangerine fabric, but want something more stealth, so I went with black panels and the stone fabric. Love how GFC is continuing to innovate and make things in USA! Can’t wait to compare this to V1.

The biggest thing that stood out to me is that the frame is now fully aluminum. The significance? It is stronger, lighter, and now we don’t have to worry about RUST!

This was a nice surprise to wake up to after a long day of work yesterday, so thanks GFC :slightly_smiling_face:


Holy cow what amazing upgrades, from sealing up the holes in the tent, seals in panels, secure from the inside, huge back window now…they basically nailed shut every part about the gfc I was concerned about, very glad to be on the list!


lol, just came here to post the video since its categorized as unlisted. Found it here and people saying they are getting emails. Checked my email and there is my notification!

Awesome job GFC.

All these brilliant upgrades improving on an already great design, and I’m sitting here being a baby that I presumably can’t get the space frame in orange anymore.


me too and the red panels are way too loud

The changes are sooo sick. I am 1308 and just finished the video. Am lucky to be included in getting a V2. All the new changes seem outstanding.

Really really stoked on this!!! Thanks @GFC

Key things I’m pumped on…

#1 - All new frame and how that all works…unbelievable and looks incredibly durable
#2 - New tent/tent fabric (constant seal)
#3 - Ability to lock yourself in
#4 - New panels look absolutely bombproof!!!
#5 - Elimination of all welds/weld points
#6 - Multiple new tracks systems built in throughout the inside and outside of the camper for mounting/efficiency
#7 - About 80lbs lighter on the XL, 70lbs lighter on the standard

The one question that I had from the video is the front of the camper (exterior). It looks like a wind skid style system has been built in…is that correct or is that a wind skid up there?


super super thanks @GFC

Holy Moly! I feel like I need to purchase a V2 now and replace my V1 lol.

Haha I feel ya that was my GFC flex! Oh well maybe I have to go with tangerine dream fabric now.

Where did you get the weight numbers at? I was wondering how much the weight the aluminum would save. That’s crazy to think the entire XL system weighs around 220-230 lbs—that’s what most RTT weigh.

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GFC responded a comment on the unlisted V2 video saying that the weight dropped by about 70 lbs (presumably for the standard version).



They responded to the comments in the youtube video. They were showing the standard and said 70lbs…using the same ratios as before, I assumed the XL would be right around 80. I obviously could be incorrect here.

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Thanks guys. When I watched the video, there were no comments yet :grimacing: