Just got an email V2

I’m 1352 what build numbers are you guys that are getting the emails. Hope I get the v2 patiently waiting for my email to arrive.

#1229 supposed to start early february… who knows now

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Unit 1088 here and got the V2 email. I’m in metal town, so unbelievably relieved to have gotten that email.

Be well, travel safe


Yabba dabba do! Not to be overshadowed in all the upgrades, digging the ability to schedule out the install date! Nicely done GFC folks!

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GFC #1766 and am looking forward to V2!

You will. I am #1308 and I got the email. I saw somewhere this morning that all campers going forward (starting today) will be V2.

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and am I the only person who got this instead of updated build?

@GFC @GFC_Taylor

Got my V2 email as well! super stoked about getting mine in June/July!!! Can’t wait.

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Where did you see this info about scheduling an install date?

it was in the email

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See it now! Thanks. :slight_smile:

what build # are you?

@blackhearse - I got the same thing in my email. But I spoke with GFC this morning. Here is the skinny…

With the V2 it looks like your reservation order doesn’t matter nearly as much as it used to. They are doing builds by popularity (I always lose popularity contests). This means they are going to start V2 builds with a big run of what they have the most reservations for (Tacomas etc).

To give even more context I was build spot 1119. As I watched the production timelines thread it seemed like they stopped production of V1 right around 1090-1100. Based on the original process you would think my build would be VERY soon give or take a little— But no. GFC said my build isn’t slated to start until May now because my truck is not very common for GFC (1st Gen Tundra AC).

They are doing some things to make it a little better (credits, paint etc) but I am really bumed about this as it has been a long wait already… Before V2 was announced my build date was supposed to be Nov/December. Thinking that surely my build was to start any day I sold my (very hard to find/rare) canopy last week. To quote Fedora talking to a young Indiana Jones, “You lost today kid, but it doesn’t mean you have to like it”

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that really sucks a fat one. I hope there are more 2019-20 rangers with supercabs

Hey y’all,

Glad everyone’s stoked about this. I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

@blackhearse unfortunately there was an error in our comms system that I’m actively working on that didn’t allow those new dates to populate. Reach out directly, or sit tight and look for my follow up email with the actual dates included.

@ChossBagger I want to chime in on your comment and offer some clarification. With regards to unit numbers, build queue, etc., we’re using frequency of models ordered to prioritize which models get rolled out with V2 first, while still working sequentially on the models that are supported. Once our design team is caught up on model rollout, we’ll be working through the queue in normal sequential order.

The CS team is working on calling a lot of folks today, so we’ve obviously got a lot on our plates, but please reach out directly via email if you have specific questions regarding your build. Waiting sucks, but we are so stoked to build these for y’all. :heart:


Got the email too! I’m pretty hyped that there’s a green option now, I just wonder how well it matches up with the Toyota army green.

Thank you as always @GFC_Taylor for the additional color - still a big fan here.

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@GFC, looks great. Could you comment on any recommended maintenance of the V2? I.e. with typical vibration over the long run, should we plan on keeping an eye on and tightening bolts at the joints? Don’t need a comprehensive response, just initial thoughts based on testing so far. Thanks very much. [#1622]


I will certainly be interested in this info as well. That said, I’ve used bolt together bed racks for years (kb voodoo) and never had anything shake loose. I’m not a baja racer by any means but I don’t mind kicking up a little dust.



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I like the V2! It’s nice that each ‘version’ will fit their respective trucks more precisely. And, the latches are a nice touch too.

I wonder about the connections after a few years. But, maybe it won’t be a problem. They could use some adhesive on the connections when bolting together and that would go a long way towards making the frame monolithic. Heck, they build cars now by gluing aluminum together so it would be plenty strong.

The biggest advantage I see is for GFC. This should significantly reduce the cost of shipping. With this system I would expect to see several GFC dealers/shops pop up in the very near future. It will be easy to train folks to build these up and install.

This is good for GFC but it’s also good for us because we should have a dealer support system sometime soon.

Very smart move.