Latches freezing shut

Anyone have any good solutions to keep the latches from freezing shut?

few tips in there for locks…

they mention petroleum jelly inside the locks… wonder if you can put that on the rubber seals to help them from freezing…

Taylor here from Go Fast. To avoid frozen locks, we recommend spraying Boeshield or an equivalent lubricant into your lock cylinders (don’t use WD-40 though).

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i’ve seen that at my local bike shop before… good to know

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Thanks for the responses guys. I sprayed some Boeshield in the lock cylinders when that maintenance video came out a while back so I haven’t had any trouble with those. Its the mechanism that actually lifts the latch off the strike thats getting bound up. I think there’s probably just water getting onto the spring in there and freezing it in the closed position. Maybe a little bit of vaseline on the spring would solve it?

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I use boeshield. I also carry a small lighter ‘torch’ in the cab. I’ve used it a few times when things got wet and I hadn’t sprayed the locks in a while. I put the key in and heat the key. Remember to use gloves when you turn the key. :slight_smile:

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You have no idea how pissed I just got at my locks.
I unlocked them 5 minutes before I tried to re-lock them and they wouldn’t turn. I couldn’t even get the key in the junk things.
I literally just threw a fit over this. Haha.

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Carry a small torch. Works wonders.

I need to spray mine before I head up into the mountains tomorrow. I’ve gone from wet to frozen (almost 5K feet elevation change) and it’s a bad combo…

Lol it’s always a test of patience when you go to put the key in and end up opening the latch over and over again!


I almost rage quit the GFC yesterday. Haha.
Mostly because I was in my pajamas and it’s like 15°F outside. Long story…


Do you guys use Boeshield T-9 or Rustfree?

What @ace7196 said. gotta keep things dry and lubricated. that’s a problem up here in the PNW. i spray my locks whenever i know i’m headed up into the cold. it USUALLY works.

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This is good to know it gets cold out here on the north east not as cold as Montana but it gets cold… Following

I’m using boeshield now.

I also carry a small propane torch in the cab in case things freeze up. It’s come in handy…