Light Bar Mounts. Coming soon?

@GFC a few months back you mentioned there would be light bar mount brackets coming soon. Any update on that?

I’d like to mount a Baja Designs light bar to the front camper extrusion. The mount you guys showed on IG look great, just wondering if they will become a reality.

This is Wiley’s truck with LP6’s but I’m assuming they should mount up a 40" light bar just the same:

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Yep, the lights would come with a mount, was just looking for a cleaner solution.

GFC has shown the mounts, just curious what the status on them being offered was.


We currently are working on a run of light mounts, we have them labeled as LP6/9 light mounts but they will work for other larger lights and light bars. The antenna mounts we have released on the website work well for the smaller lights like the S2/Squadrons also. As soon as we have the bandwidth to support more product we will definitely release more of it!


I am waiting on this too. Planning to install 50" baja light bar.
@DoubleDown can you please share the IG pics where it shows a mount for a light bar?

Note I think this only works for V1 campers as the V2 campers don’t have an extrusion along the front:

Thank you for your reply!

I thought of posting this picture, super simple and clean. I tried to contact the fabricator but they wanted a hefty price for a pair. I believe this should be compatible with either V1 or V2




Link of the article:


The V2 does have a single usable extrusion along the front. The V1 light mount requires two extrusions so I would assume a new GFC light mount will be coming out eventually for the V2.

I am new to the forum, i am trying to find the member that do fabrication to tag him, but i cant find it. lol
He did the drip tray and more, it would be nice if he can fabricate this too. :wink:

@jedgar makes the drip rails.

What does the light bar look like? You can get pretty good results making some rudimentary mounts out of aluminum stock from the hardware store using a dremel.

@gwiz thank you for tagging @jedgar. Baja light bar is almost similar to KC’s

I would rather have the pro like @jedgar fabricate this bracket, I am good with my hands with DIY’s but fabrication is not something that I am good at. I’ll be spending to much time and parts to perfect the design, but it will not get closer to a laser cut design on a solidworks


Totally get it. I’ve gone both directions personally. I’ve got Josh’s drip rails and magspots, and they are super nice and way better than what I could make. Then I have some ladder mounts I made myself. They are ugly but work great.

Do you happen to have the light already? You might be able to mount those brackets in the picture directly the the GFC. Just thinking in terms of getting it usable now, while GFC or a 3rd party makes a bitchin’ mount to be proud of.

@gwiz No, Baja lights are 3 months minimum lead time, plus this is going to be my last upgrade together with GFC RTT V2 and Kinsmenhardware 270 degree awning. I am not in a rush this time. My V2 will be picked up from GFC headquarter end of November, Kinsmenhardware mount for V2 GFC RTT is still under development, and Matthew’s lead time is also minimum of 3 months. so light bar bracket has like 6 months allowance to be fabricated. hahaha

Hopefully @jedgar can help us with this bracket.

For now, I am happy with my rig. I’ll be putting more trips on this rather than stressing out with this crazy lead times.

This is my rig, it has its own IG account. lol

Your 4Runner looks sick. I saw it in your avatar but couldn’t tell your RTT was a V1 currently.

Thank you Sir! it is a lot of work. :wink: Yes, my current GFC RTT is V1. I was begging GFC to have an Army Green Fabric color, but I miserably failed. hahaha

Now, I am begging Matthew of Kinsmenhardware to either have Army Green or Tangerine fabric color for his awning because he only has charcoal grey, but I am not putting my hopes high on this one too.

Hey guys. Thanks for the tag @gwiz and @phey_05 I have stepped back from most parts and ended up actually selling my camper, so unfortunately I don’t really have the ability to work up something to try. The one posted above that mounts below looks pretty awesome and would be hard to beat that design. How much did they want for it? With the laser cutting and bending required I’d say anything under $200 seems fair.

Hello Folks,
It is my understanding that GFC is planning on releasing a V2 version of the LP6 Light mounts (at least that is what they have shared with me). The delay has been due to the priority release of other accessories supporting the Superlite tent.
It is my hope that GFC releases the V2 version soon. Since I have paid for 4 brackets and I have 4 Baja Design LP6 lights waiting for them.

Hi @jedgar thanks for the reply and it is very unfortunate that you wont be able to help us with the bracket, but completely understand.

Sad to say that the shop that made the bracket on that picture wanted a payment for the solidworks design, tooling, cutting and bending, which i’m sure you know how it can cost. I myself did a prototype project, its an engine bay tray (see below) the design part was done by me and solidworks by my friend. it cost me $400 for the cutting and bending along, but the pricing is totally different for production pieces.

If you have some basic CAD skills (even vector drawing) you can have SendCutSend cut and bend for you. They have great pricing for low quantities. I have used them for prototypes a bunch. May be worth checking out. Let me know if I can help!


@jedgar indeed, I recently discovered them like literally 2 days ago from FB advertisement. problem though is that I don’t have basic CAD skills, lol
And SendCutSend doesnt accept STEP file. I only have a STEP file for this tray that I would like to try SendCutSend to cut and bend for me. I might have to contact my friend so get that raw files for the tray and might aswell ask if he can help with the light bracket.

Do any of you know if there is any of these available for the v1 camper anymore? Can’t see them for sale on the website??