Lights in your GFC?

Would anyone mind sending me, or posting on this thread, photos of how they ran the wires from the top to the bottom of their GFC. I am attempting to install the Matt Gecko lights and followed the directions however I can’t figure out how to get the switches through the 1/4 hole without damaging the wires with the bed panels. Any info would be greatly appreciated

Sending you a PM as well, id be curious to see more photos. I’m looking to use some Diode Dynamics RGBW strips but agree I like the more refined/finished look of the diffusers.

Not sure if you figured it out but I drilled a small hole through the honeycomb floor and glued some rubber grommets on it for looks. Just ran the wires through that so no worries of smashing the wires.

  • I’ll add a photo later
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i just did to separate strips with two power sources

Last week I put in some bed light kit I found laying around in my garage

I thought these were red but turned out to be white. Too bright for inside tent use.

I also installed some lights on the rear panel for cooking. When the panel’s closed these are bright enough to light up the entire bed area.

This week, I yanked out the tent light and replaced with RGB light strips that go around the top

Will need to do something about those leftover VHB tape though


Camper area lights installed. Same story as the ones upstairs but in warm white. I still can’t figure out why the top lights are not of correct white in sections.

But luckily I won’t be using white in the tent a lot so I can overlook it.


Has anyone setup a switch inside of the GFC and run it to an aux solar charged battery?

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I did, mine are tapped into my main battery and cascade 4x4 solar hood panel. I have a32 AGM in place and this system plugged into it under the hood. My matt gecko led lights are run from the camper to the front of the truck where the MPPT controller has an aux pos and neg line coming out of. With the amount of draw the lights on both top and bottom levels running, i have yet to run out of juice, and this is letting the lights run for over 8 hours straight, possibly 10 hours since I was at work on a night shift and used my truck as a work station.

Just popping in to say I’m thoroughly impressed with the creativity and effort y’all put into getting light in the GFC!

I have a Luci string light and two Goal Zero crush light that I use. Minor hassle to pull out the lights when it’s time to camp, but I haven’t been interested in wiring anything into the bed or the camper. I can hang the string lights inside or on the latches of open panels for area lighting, and I can put one or both of the crush lights into the sleeping are if I need light up there. Works for me, but seriously stoked on all the different approaches people take.

Keep up the good work and give those campers a workout!


same here. I have some Luci lights and a few Luminoddles

Just got my Diode Dynamic Rock lights all wired up. Beyond happy with the available camp scene light they will provide!


With your cables going from upstairs to downstairs, what path did you take as to not crimp the wires when you replace your square floor piece?

to answer your question I used some military grade 22AWG wires and run them along the frame and up through the floor panel. In the corner between the panel and the frame toward the rear there is a very small gap that you can feed the wire through.

This is what I use: in red and black

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Finally finished my downstairs lights.

I modeled up and 3d printed a channel mount that uses the existing screws in the GFC. The back of this has a captured nut and I put double sided tape on the portions that contact the camper:

Image 1-21-24 at 5.34 PM

Channel Mounts installed:

I cut my channel to size and marked hole using a drilling jig I made:

LED Channel Installed:

I built a wiring harness that splits between the front channel and the passenger side. Power continues from the front channel to the driver side. Once the LEDs were installed into the channel I wired up my LED controller to my Redarc Rogue. This will allow me to control the lights from my display, a bluetooth app on my phone, or the RF remote:

Finished product. These are RGB-CCT so I have any color I want, warm white, cool white, and dimming:

Parts List:

RBG-CCT Lights
LED Controller and Remote
LED Connectors
LED Channel
Captured Nuts

STL Files for Mounts


very nice!
makes me very unhappy with my setup and want to upgrade lol

Anyone know if Hardkorr is still around? Not finding any inventory. I’m a complete idiot when it comes to electrical and liked the set up and being able to simply plug into an eco flow delta 2.

If they’re not around anything similar out there. Looks like the Matt Gecko kit is meant to be wired into the 12v system which I’m trying to avoid

I am using luminoodle. can be found at Amazon

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I have the older kit similar to the Matt gecko and I bought this power bank Renogy 72000mAh 266Wh 12v Power Bank with 60W PD | CPAP Battery for Camping | High Capacity Large Camping Power Bank with USB-C DC Wireless Charging & Flashlight | CPAP Battery Backup Power Supply to run it. It is compact and the lights plug into the 12 port. It will run the lights for several nights, and is easy to remove from truck when not in use.

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Keep telling myself I’m going to do all the fancy lighting. But after having ran 4 of these rechargeable magnetic lights (1 on each panel and 1 in the tent) for some time it does just as well. Nice and bright on the highest setting and the motion detection auto on/off is quite nice. They’ve lasted me 4-5 nights before needing a recharge. When the side panels are closed it lights up the interior just as well as the fancy lighting setups. Only downside is no red light option.