Lights in your GFC?

@mrbroll looks great, which diffusers did you go with and are what’s your led density? I’ve got 60led/m and you can clearly see the dots with shallow diffusers I have.

Thanks! I used this channel/diffuser combo. My LEDs are 5050 60/m 24V strips. But they alternate RGB and tunable white chips instead of all-in-one, so they’re technically more like 30/m. I went with 24V, so I could use thinner gauge wiring and go around the entire canopy while keeping the voltage drop in check. My house power is 12V, so I just used a 240W voltage converter for that, which is what’s sitting right next to my fuse panel in the picture.

@mrbroll thanks, I was considering the deeper channel but couldn’t figure out a good way to mount it so went with the shallower one but it just doesn’t give the spotless look. I don’t have mine installed yet so I’ll prob swap out for the ones you used. Would you mind showing me how/where you mounted them up and would you be interested in selling me some of the mounts you made?

Just sent you a PM. We can follow up there.

Would anyone mind sending me, or posting on this thread, photos of how they ran the wires from the top to the bottom of their GFC. I am attempting to install the Matt Gecko lights and followed the directions however I can’t figure out how to get the switches through the 1/4 hole without damaging the wires with the bed panels. Any info would be greatly appreciated