Lights in your GFC?

Thanks for the replies gave me a couple backup plans
Called and spoke to GTFOverland today. Found a possible solution using the 1M led strips but may hold out as my install not until Aug and wait to see if Hardkorr returns to the US market as the kit i wanted the 4 19 inch dufused bars are not currently avail in the US anymore.

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yeah these are pretty nice

I have the same. 4 large downstairs and 2 small up top, I love having the light come on when I open a side panel for access at night especially with the motion feature. Super simple, super cheap.

Our GFC panels are aluminum right? Are you guys mounting steel pads with adhesive for the magnetic lights?

Update i was able to piece together a hardkoor light bar kit with the remaining inventory GTFOverland had. Downside is they only had the diffused 3 color light bars as light bar only so no splitters or extra cord to connect multiple bars no power connection or dimmer switch. So I had to buy a few extra 1M led strips to get everything needed to complete the kit. The up side is I’ll use 2 of the led strips upstairs. I’ll have a spare led strip or 2 to use in the future if needed.


Did you place the reading lamp magnetic bracket on the ceiling of the tent? Any issue when closing? I want to get something like this but concerned the bracket will push into the mattress and cause for an improper seal.

I also went with hardkorr lighting from GTFO left overs. They had a garage sale with the remaining hardkorr lighting. I ended up using 2 strips of the 2M light kit along with 4 19in LED bar, 1 spliter to run lights in the tent and down below with 2 control units. I wanted to keep the power simple so everything runs through a yeti goal zero 1500x which is also charged by a 200 watt solar panel on the roof.


what’s the carabiner and the strap in the tent for?

When I close the tent, the bungee cord pulls and tucks the walls in.

oh snap!
just two carabiner and the strap does the job? or need another attachment point?

You can use two but I only used one and tied a knot on the other end. Thats actually the only area I placed it considering its furthest point from the tailgate.

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i see. i’m gonna do the same to help with closing the tent.

I opted for dimmable red/white LED strips from Offroad Living in Oz.

I used the 60cm length; one on each panel door and one on the inside/center of the tent roof.

Couldn’t be happier :grin:


Installed the hardkorr kit

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I used 3’ warm white led strips inside diffusers for the downstairs and outside lighting. I wired them to an RV dimmer switch outlet. I hung string lights in the top of the tent with a dimmer switch in a custom housing.


I ordered the KickAss lighting kit that seems comparable to the discontinued Hardkorr lights. I will update once I get them installed. My first two attempts at lighting didn’t work out too well.