LOLROAD ‘19 Raptor SCAB build

Finally took delivery of my V2 today so I figured it would be the perfect time while
I’m relaxing at the Bozeman Cmon Inn to start a build thread.

The Basics:
2019 Raptor SCAB
Eibach Front Springs
Icon RXT rear Springs on option 3
1552 wheels
Brew City Boost adaptive tune
Decked Rear Drawer system
GFC V2, grey panels, orange tent

I’ve made some progress on some projects lately which I’ll post below and I’ve got some things I’ll be working on over the winter: house power w/ solar, heat, lighting, and organization. Stay tuned!


that’s beauty. I wish we could get ranger raptor scab over here. I would give up a kidney for that. what kind of paint are you using?

So when I bought my SCAB I wasn’t exactly planning on the 65 lb muppet seen below

The back seat of the scab isn’t super useful anyway so I pulled it out and built a platform for said muppet.

Pretty simple setup, covered it in marine carpet and I can pull it out and go back to stock in an hour or so.


I did the same for the mutts

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Just a cool pic from the trip home. Stopped in Bismarck for some dinner. Wisconsin to Bozeman and back to Wisconsin made for some long days in the truck.


Man the truck looks so good. One of my favorites for sure


Crazy how well the grey goes with the trim on the Raptor… you’re going to make me regret going with black panels!


I actually almost went with green, but definitely stoked on the gray. Matches almost perfectly.

That grey looks awesome with your truck!!

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Had a chance to finally get the camper out for some off highway action this weekend. Definitely need to add some tailgate seal strips in places but other than that, worked great. No camping this time but once the build out is done we’re planning on some winter camping.


Implemented a solution for the wind noise. Had a bunch of old Yakima stuff lying around from a car that has long since been sold. Adapted it as best as I could to the Raptor. Only had to buy a new wider fairing. Works a treat. That said, if anyone has some old Q130 clips laying around, HMU.


Got some things done today; finished up the power cables to the rear with an Anderson plug. It’ll plug into a redarc bcdc controller and a renergy battery. Also installed a new radio antenna since the old one was a window mount on the back glass.

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Made a little more progress today, tidied up the wiring that leads back to the bed, got the ladder mounts installed and wired up a rear facing amber. Also installed a cheeky sticker on the rear window.


what antenna is that?

Sweet rig but I’m REALLY jealous of your shop.

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Youmei Dual Band NMO Antenna…

Here’s the antenna link. Just a Amazon special. Haven’t had a chance to actually field test it yet but I’ll post up some results when I actually get to use it.

looks like the holes in the antenna bracket lined up perfectly with the tracks on the GFC

They did, I was planning on buying the GFC Mount (I still might) but this one ended up working perfectly. It’s also sturdy but forgiving, it’s not going anywhere but if it hits something it’ll likely bend out of the way instead of damaging the antenna or extrusion of the camper.

Made some more progress today. Finally got the tilting fridge slide installed.

Still trying to come up with a solution for mounting the ladder, might just end up using a velcro tie around the diagonal piece of extrusion for now.

Also mounted the Milwaukee Packout Base for the forthcoming battery box. I started out trying to build a battery box, but I found out I’m a real crummy carpenter. So I’m going to use the Packout XL tool box and configure it to my needs. Got started on that but forgot pics.


A little more progress over the last month or so. Added a tailgate seal kit to stop the snow and dust from getting in. Had a chance to test it over a few days with some other Raptors in the U.P.

After 3 days of ripping around I can confidently say it was a good addition.