Los Angeles mtb ride and breakfast meet up ***new date*** April 16th, 8am

This is in order for us owners of the same interest to gather together and hit the trails for a ride, then hang for a post ride breakfast. I figure with the build outs I’m seeing on the forum, we should be able to gain enough folks interested in this to bring their cook out gear for an informal gathering. Ive done it before on other forums, mtb related, and wanted to extend that same stoke into this community.

I’m proposing a meet up here in Los Angeles at first, and will extend out further if there is a following. Cheseboro canyon is a mellow single track trail that follows a creek into a canyon that crosses it. We can loop it or ride back the way we came, its fun either way and the trail offers beginner to moderate level of difficulty. Riders are expected to know how to ride with in the ability of the trail ride posted. The loop is basically 11 miles, out and back route is around 10. Groups will wait at all splits in the trail to keep the group together, this is a “no drop ride” with the option for faster riders to split up into a second group. All riders must have their own basics for trail maintenance and flat repair, however this is a community where everyone stops to offer help if you’re in need.

After the ride we will gather in the parking lot for a tailgate breakfast, I’ll have my 2 burner stove out with griddle and can pump out breakfast burritos or pancakes, we can take a vote the day before on what everyone wants. Coffee from my French press, bring your own mug though.

The date will be January 15th, far enough ahead for folks to set their calendars and get their bikes tuned.

Directions to the trailhead- Cheseboro Canyon Trailhead


Dude, yes! Count me in

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So because of the expected rains, will be postponing the meet up ride for a later date

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Let’s get this back in planning mode

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Great! How about saturday, the 8th of April?

Start the ride at Oak caynon community park, in Oak park, ca. ride to Palo comado fire road to china flats, then down suicide trail to the parking lot. It’s a 10 mile loop with 1200 feet if climbing and a fun dh trail to descend back to the cars. It’s a nice park to chill at so we could tail gate there after.


Here’s the pin drop to the parking spot at oak canyon park-
Dropped pin

How about we meet up to ride at 830? It can get hot if it’s sunny and we start the climb later in the am. Total time for the ride without stops is around an hour for the fast guys.

Potentially down for this plans dictating. Sounds like a lot of fun!

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If you are into downhill, chunky and Flowy lines from the top of a mountain down, then this is for you. The pedal up is a semi strenuous fire road climb, about 45 min to an hour depending on fitness. Then about 7-15 min down depending on skill and cojones size.

Stats for the ride: 1400 ft of climbing in 5 miles, 2 miles of dh down the well known trail.
Don’t be surprised to see other groups of riders gearing up in the parking lot, it’s pretty popular up here, especially now after the rain.

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Sounds about right for LA area rides. Makes me wish I was still in SD haha

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What makes SD more appealing? Most of the guys down there love riding the trails around here…. In fact i see a lot of riders driving up from laguna and SD to hit up sui and rocky peak.

The trails are genuinely have almost no climb for long trails, but for good down hill you’re constantly climbing back up a short climb and hitting different trails systems from the top. Alpine CA area has some amazing down hill like noble canyon.

The crown jewel of dh in Los Angeles is mount Wilson’s front side or dark side runs. Pretty sure there isn’t anything near Sd that has 5000ft of descending down some pretty rugged and exposed single track. It’s a network of trails that get you from top to bottom but your can’t beat the 15 mile run.

anyone bringing their wife or girlfriend? I co-founded a local, all girls mountain bike club… always looking for more ladies to mountain bike (and camp) with.

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You should join anyways, no drop ride, we will wait for everyone at all splits in the trail


Just seeing this… sounds pretty fun

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Taking a headcount, anyone planning on joining this sat?

Sounds fun. Is the route gravel bike friendly or mtb needed? Don’t have a GFC but would be down to join.

No def not. It’s a pretty chunky and rugged dh line. It’s a double track with rock gardens and steep rollers, drops and a chute about halfway down. The chill loop is covered in mud still so gotta take what you can get.