Low profile 6 1/4 inch 12VDC Vent Fan

Being from South Florida and camping in the heat and humidity ventilation is important.
Ever since I placed the order, I started looking for a vent fan. I finally found one on Etrailer.com.

With the fan installed the camper will close properly. The clearance is adequate.
To install the fan you will need a protractor, Electric Jigsaw, screw drive and don’t forget the install/seal kit. The wiring is up to you but I used speaker wire and soldered and used heat shrink on my connections and used the self-sticking channel.

I used it at the Trailfest off-road event held at Uwharrie National Forest, North Carolina April 14th and the air flow was great. Had to turn it off because my wife got a little chilly.

Ventline Vanair Trailer Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan - 6-1/4" Diameter - Smoke

Don’t forget to buy the install/seal kit for the fan. I bought the install kit locally.

I also used single wire self-sticking raceway channel on Amazon.
[Self-Sticking Race Way Channel]

Check out the following Photos.


I think these type of fans make more sense on the GFC. How well does it push or pull the air in the camper?

The air flow was impressive. The first night we had a front come through and the temp dropped. Because of the heavy rain I closed all the windows even the vent windows but pushed out the bottom of the side door rain fly to let air in. The temp dropped a little and my back almost froze because my back was next to the door. The next night, still raining, I opened the vents a little and I had to turn it off because my wife was getting cold. The third night I didn’t turn it on and we had dewdrops every so often. That was three weeks ago at Trailfest in Uwharrie National Park, North Carolina and our first three day off-roading event using the GFC. Temp was in the 40’s and we had lots of rain and fog. Sunday was clear! The photo is sunrise Sunday with my GFC and my Jeep to the right.
As I camp more I will be able to give more detail.
I am mainly curious how the fan will do in the summer heat and humidity.

So, to answer your question. The air flow was very good.

Are you powering off a house battery or something like an external solar generator?

Is the air flow reversible?

I have a portable Delta 2 Solar Generator with an 85 amp hour battery.
The specs from Etrailer is 1.5 amp draw which is 56 hour on an 85 AH battery.
The Delta 2 also showed 57 hours. I can double check that is correct tomorrow.

The air flow is not reversable.
It is a centrifugal force fan.

One other thing is when it is closed the top of the fan housing is the same as the height of the Beef Rack Crossbar. That should help protect it from getting damaged when on a trail.
When it is closed it is sealed and can be mounted at any angle.

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that seems like a perfect little fan… wonder if its possible to rig up a speed controller for it :thinking:

did you place in certain spot on the roof to use when the tent is down? you know to maybe ventilate the the bed for dogs while driving?

edit 1 more question: what did you use to cut the hole and how well did it work?

It is a DC motor and I would suspect you could control the speed by changing the voltage.
But I have not tried it. I started closing the rain flies and closing the fan vent a little.

No to using it while the top tent is closed. You might be able to if you take all the tent deck panels out but what are your dogs going to do with the tent that is hanging,
I have hunting dog and would never put them in the bed of a enclosed pickup truck.
A pickup bed is not sealed and Cabon Monoxide from the exhaust would be my concern even with an exhaust fan. My hunting dogs are to valuable.
I would only take my dogs in a crate with the bed open.
They both are getting old, so I don’t take them on long trips anymore.
Taking the side doors off might be a good solution.

My dogs 7 years ago.

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