Extra Airflow Options

I camp with my dog quite a bit, and while the tent/ RTT gets a solid amount of airflow as is, I’m looking additional airflow solutions in the topper when the vehicle is parked. While it’s difficult to find every option, hence the purpose of this thread, I’ve seen everything from equine vents in panels, roof fans tied to solar, adding grates in the lower, and others like these options…

The list goes on, and there are quite a few gems scattered across forum topics, so let’s share solutions and products we’re using in the comments.

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I wrote about the the 6 1/2 Inch vent fan. They can be mounted on the topper sidedoors.
But growing up on boats in South FL I would suggest to do an online search for *Boat vent scoop and fan combo" or "Boat Hull vent. Installing a hull vent might be a good option.

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I have another idea that you might try.
Make brackets out of aluminum 90° extrusion to make removable bracket to lock your topper side panels open about 2 to 3 inches while you are sleeping and the dogs are in the truchbed. Call me and I can explain. 615-869-8840

Do you mind just posting some photos for everyone?