Camper ventilation tips/mods for dogs?

My German Shepherd and Husky ride in the bed of my truck and they sleep down there while camping. I currently contain them in my snugtop with all the vents open and I was wondering if anyone has any ventilation tips/ mods for keeping them cool both while driving and camped out? I’ve thought about putting in a few vents, but I haven’t seen anyone do that aside of the ceiling tent fans.


Might be able to find some ideas and ask some questions on this thread.

Thanks for the link :+1:

I’m really surprised with how many dog owners there are innthe community, that GFC hasn’t tasked an engineer with providing an option/solution to venting the camper while driving.

On a winter day, heat is not an issue, obviously. But does anyone know if there is a suffocation potential with a dog riding in a sealed up V2? I’d imagine that enough air can get in/out that it’s not a a safety issue for dogs on road trips, but I have no data on that. I don’t have room for them in the cab when the wife and kid come along.

I agree. I’d also love to see GFC provide a ventilation solution for dog owners. One of the big draws for me was the ability to retain the canopy for travel with my dogs and get the benefit of the integrated tent.

As my build date approaches, I’m concerned about how to solve for ventilation. I’m sure on a sunny day it quickly becomes a hot box. I need a solution that allows me to have the panels closed and get enough airflow that I can stop for an hour on an 80 degree day without cooking my buddies.

Anyone have any suggestions for mods to the side panels? Vents or fans on the side panels seems like it could do the trick.

Scroll through my build to see my dog vent. Few pics. AKA Dog Rig Vent System…


I have a ruffland kennel and have been thinking about buying one of there fans that attaches to the front of the kennel and plug it into my goal zero.
Most likely would move enough air
But not sure with all the doors closed.

Thanks for the reply and nice work on your setup. I saw the “Dog Rig” vent setup in the above post and it’s clever but I’m really looking for a solution that allows me to vent with the panels closed. I’m want some air circulation while I’m driving and security if I have to stop in a busy place with dogs in the back.

I also wouldn’t put it past one of my pups to stress the side panel if it were cracked open like that and they were in the back long enough to get bored.

I would really like to know if anyone has tried inserting butterfly or baffled vents or converted front or rear windows to sliders. After searching a bit deeper, it looks like I have similar needs to what’s being discussed on this thread

I have two horse trailer vents for this purpose but have not yet installed. For now I modified a dog pen (tore the panels apart) and added two bungees w carabiners. It’s a quick dog kennel that is quickly stowed. I run a fan for good measure, but he loved it. Cross breeze, shade, music, water = safe and happy pup.


My dog is 55lbs. Not huge but not tiny. How do I get her up into the tent area? I’ve tried everything, and all that works in manhandling her up, and then she really doesn’t like the dropdown experience. I have a folding ramp that is intended for her to get into the truck bed, but I need her up top with me, not freezing her ass off in the bottom. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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My chonky anti jumping dog has done well when I put a ramp from the front of the bed up to the back of the GFC… usually just my traction boards tied together and wedged in place… I have thought about making something with canvas and ladder rings from webbing to give more traction and easier to put away.

Hi jeffinator, You can use roof for that. roof vents can provide efficient ventilation by drawing hot air out of the snugtop and pulling in cooler air from outside. Roof vents with built-in fans can further improve air circulation. So you get cool both while you driving and camped out.
thank you