Mattress Alternative and RTT size

Can anyone tell me if I can order a RTT without a mattress and run a Sea to Summit SI Deluxe Mat or an Exped Megamat Duo instead? I heard the mattresses that come in these are not very comfortable and I don’t want to spend money on something that I’ll want to replace right off the bat.

Also and I stuck with the 50” regular or can I order the XL size for a RTT only without a camper? This is for my 4Runner.


I have not tried the GFC mattress but I did travel the country for 6 months sleeping on a 1 inch foam mattress. It wasn’t the most comfortable but I was fine. Mattress comfort is subjective. You might be okay with the standard mattress. I wouldn’t go off what one person says.

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Also another option and size comparison

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Yeah that would work, any reviews on it yet?

Not yet. It would be great if they released a video on it.

I’ve been interested in running an Exped as well. I’ve heard they’re super comfortable, however the ones I was looking at were 52" width and the GFC is 50" so I’m not sure how much stress that would put on the tent fabric if it’s being pushed out. Length also maxed out somewhere in the 70" compared to the 90" length of the GFC. That actually seems like it could be interesting–might give you some space to store pillows since you’d have a roughly 50"x20"x4"(?) space with no mattress

Don’t think GFC will sell a tent without the mattress (unless it’s a Superlite), but only way to know is to ask them


Going to follow this I love opinions.

I’d love to have someone from GFC hop on and give us an answer on this. It wouldn’t be hard to remove the mattress as. I like the idea of a portion of the tent with no mattress for boots at night or storage of thick bedding.

What are the sizes of the moveable panels in a standard sized camper?

I have a platform tent installed 01.2021. I asked to have the GFC mattress deleted and they declined. I promptly removed the GFC pads and installed an Exped Megamat. It is snug when inflated, but when put in place and then inflated, it is fine. When closing the tent, I fold the mat longways and the tent closes easily. I do have the narrower Exped too, if I tire of folding the megamat or are camping without the wife. No regrets.

Hey @hstexan, we use an exped megamat duo in the camper and it does fit. So I assume it also would in the RTT.

It isn’t perfect but it’s very comfortable. My full review is here: Camper Mattress!


Only thing that makes me think I could decline the mattress is because they’ve done that in the superlite and developed their own inflatable mattress so there is hope.

Keep in mind I’m talking the RTT and not the camper with removable panels.

Exped Duo huge success!

I’ve had my V2 on my 2015 Tundra for a month now and slept a couple nights, well tried to sleep but didn’t do so very successfully. I tried a 1.5 inch memory foam on top of the stock mattress but that didn’t help much and it was tuff to close the tent but it was possible.

My wife and I bought the ExPed duo through REI, threw it up there and we love it!!! It fits so well. I read all the reviews about it pushing out on the tent fabric and being 2” to wide etc… nope, it fits perfect and when I deflated it the tent closes perfectly. Couldn’t be more excited about the difference it make.


Can you post pictures of the mattress in the tent? I want to ask go fast if I can purchase without a mattress if this is a squared away solution.

I bought the Exped DeepSleep (only 3” thick) for my RTT. (Part# 7640445452038) I use it on top of the stock mattress and love it. That being said, I have been thinking about removing the stock mattress and just using the Exped such that I could leave it partially inflated and still close the tent easily. I also plan to buy the Schnozzle or the Pillow Pump to make it easier to inflate (yes, I’m lazy).

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Can you post pics please?

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Not anytime soon. However, you can buy the Exped on Amazon, try it out and return it if it doesn’t work for you. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Go with the Schnozzle it’s way better, faster, and stores easier then the pump.


I can’t take some pics this weekend when we head out camping.


Is the Exped Deep Sleep the single or duo pad? If it is the duo, is it possible for a second person to exit the sleeping platform through the removable panels into the bed of the truck? Is it flexible enough when inflated to push it aside to exit? How is the comfort? Thanks