Mobile use and Camp use Starlink to Extrusion mount?

Ok Gang! I can’t remember if it was @Buhlockaye or @m0to, or someone else that is working on a Starlink extrusion mount that is a little more elegant. I found this on Etsy;

My thought would be to use something like this to mount the dish on the rig perpendicular to the roof. Then when the tent is up it has the ability to pivot to be perpendicular with the ground when the tent is deployed.

So on this angle when the tent is deployed.

Then pivoting to keep dishy happy for mobile use, and strong enough rally!


Current Products?

Current Prototypes?

I’m aware of using the solution mentioned using the Starlink bracket and some angle iron. I’m looking for something a little more purpose build :smiley:

Let’s collab or share the links/information currently in the works.

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I made the WeBoost mount and have sold a couple. Still have 3 from the first batch.

I could model up something but I don’t have a Starlink or access to one to see what it would take. If someone in the San Diego are wants to meet up I can look into it. I have access to a few different manufacturing options.

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@GainzGFC had posted a mount I was designing however it sounds like a gentleman by the name of “Keeganbuilds” over on Etsy is about to drop a very similar mount in the next day or so.

This mount allows the the dishy to lock in and be upright when the tent is open


@keeganbuilds is on here too!

Sweet!! Wasn’t sure if he was active. He makes some amazing parts for the diesel heaters I gotta snag before winter.

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Nice! How have your PETG prints been holding up in direct sunlight? The wireclips are doing fine, but I just mounted a prototype for the WeBoost brace mount and I’m curious how it will hold up until I decide if I’m going to get some of those made.

hey sorry just resharing a better link than I did earlier. I think this has several benefits over the 3D printed options, primarily since its metal, it will be much more robust, additionally it’s adjustable, so you can mount the Starlink dish with the top up or down, and still get a proper angle so that the dish adjust its self properly without risk to the motor.


No issues at all! There are some better materials but PETG is very heat/UV resistant. Also fairly easy to print with which is why it’s common to use. I’m sure @Eisenheim can give you more info on materials as he’s super knowledgeable in it.

Yes, I’d think it would be metal too. Is this an existing mount that is out there? Or is it “the” Starlink mount?

yeah, if you have a Starlink account already you can log into the store and view it under the name pivot mount. It wasn’t difficult to make it fit with the GFC, some of their t-track hardware, 2 small sections of 90º aluminum, and some rivnuts to mount to the angles.

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Working like a dream :love_you_gesture:t4:


NICE! This is what I was talking about! Now the real question is, is it possible to have that pivot so that Dishy is upright when the tent is stowed?

I know this isn’t directed at me, but I have @jedgar OG latch covers and they’re two winters in and just slightly showing signs of fading. I should really just take them off in the summer. I’m sure that’s what he used. He’s a smart young whippersnapper! :laughing:

This is the design I was referring to in my post. I like the simplicity of this; but when you’re carrying two water crafts (Canoe, kayak) on the roof. There’s little room. That would work great for me in the winter.


I used ABS on those ones. Glad to hear they are still going strong!

Looks like the short wall mounts are available. I wonder if these will fit on the extrusion?

Just got the Axia Alloys Sprinter Van Roof Mount ( and attached it to the extrusion on the Martin Offroad rack. Tested it out on a couple camping trips and the angle of the open tent doesn’t obstruct and I had no issues. From what I’ve read, you want 100 degrees for the dish and there’s enough there.

I’ve seen the debate on mounting height too with some saying anything helps and others arguing the shift in 10-15 feet doesn’t make a difference with satellites miles away. My take is that if you’re by trees, that extra height can make a different for obstructions so the ideal setup is the highest point of the open camper but I have yet to see an off the shelf solution that allows the adjustment to be vertical when the camper is closed and open.

+1 for anyone developing a solution.

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While there’s isn’t a solution for the starlink to be vertical on the tent when open/closed… yet… I know @keeganbuilds is working on releasing just that.

I have created a mount for the starlink with the tent in the open position. Haven’t posted it up yet but here’s a photo of just that.


I’d be interested in one of those for sure. Would you consider making one for when the tent is closed? I’d be curious to know if you could mount it on the lower extrusion during mobile use. Then swap it over to the roof mount at camp.


I won’t recommend mounting/using the starlink while mobile. I’d be very concerned and not a risk I’d want to take personally. The mount would have to be a very robust metal mount which most mounts I’ve seen are plastic. Lot of wind force on the dish/mount at speed. Would recommend something like a WeBoost to use while driving.

Like I said earlier, keeganbuilds will be releasing one to be used in the open/closed position but not while moving.

You have to modify the dish anyways if you want it for driving usage. Most people hack into the starlink and make a “flat dish” out of it. This would be great for 2 beef bars across the top.

Fair, you do you. Us hillbilly rednecks up here are strapping them the roof and sending it. Appreciate the advice and will commit to short mount from Starlink.

As for WeBoost that’s for you fancy folk that have all kinds of cell coverage. That’s not a thing 20mins west or east of Williams Lake. Which is where all the good adventures are.

No you don’t ‘have to’ but there are mounts available. Check out star mounts.

The dish works just fine in motion. We’re currently testing them in the BC WILDFIRE.