Monday GFC 2.0 Reveal?

So, what’s it gonna be? New fucking hinges? Haha.


I’m right there with you. I was told something similar about it being too difficult to produce the tent door on the passenger side instead of the driver side because of workflow change, then they came out with doors on both sides. Now they have completely redone the tent. I get progress is a good thing and incremental improvements are a plus, but when they completely go back on what they told customers it is frustrating.

I’m starting to feel like a beta tester with my camper.


The small side window big back window does flow more air. Which is why our Platform campers and RTTs still use that design. But they’re also more expensive to produce, which is why this new thing doesn’t have them.


Well…the announcement is here. Seems ok, nothing too exciting.

I worry about GFC being able to support a 2nd separate product line. I’ve been having my own customer service issues on items they’ve been producing for years now. Can’t imagine how that will scale for them with more products.

Hope they hire up more staff!


What’s the announcement? I don’t have IG anymore and I didn’t see anything on their website

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anyone know what a a lightweight frameless hardshell roof tent is? Is the whole top a hard material or is it fabric? also, did they mention straps to keep it closed? I’ve looked at the photos and I’m confused - like what’s the roof made of?