Superlite is here!

Hey y’all,

We’re very excited to announce a new Go Fast Product called SuperLite! It’s a lightweight frameless hardshell roof tent designed for the people, but destined for the race course. We’re taking pre-sales now starting at $1199 for Fall fulfillment. You can order one on our shiny new website! :racing_car:


All I am seeing are renders (which look awesome). ETA for a walk around video?

Super smart hitting the market from multiple angles.


We’ll be releasing a video soon and I’ll post it here!


If it’s surfboard compatable how much weight can the roof hold? Will it be similar to the cross mount system ? Cheers

The surf rack is still in development, but it will be some sort of soft rack that is only compatible with surf boards and SUPs. It won’t be compatible with the cross mount system. It’s a whole new world! :alien:

Got it. Thanks Taylor!

Nice looking alternative to all the others including yours and the competition! :v:
I would like one of those posters. Please!

@GFC_Taylor, can you tell us more about the “incredibly comfortable 3” foam air hybrid mattress”? Pics?

Hey Taylor, the Superlite sounds legit!! What do the mounting options look like? Same as the original RTT? Are the original 4Runner mounts compatible? Thanks man, take care!


@Kwood As soon as I can get my hands on it from the design team, I’ll share some photos of the mattress. We’ll also put out a walk around video in the next few months.

@Travesty We plan to offer 2 mounting options, one will be standard and will easily integrate with virtually any roof rack, including factory racks. The second mounting option is a quick release system, which will allow you to easily remove your SuperLite for storage or transfer it to a different vehicle. As I get more specs on these mounting interfaces, I’ll post more info on them. The 5th Gen 4Runner mounts that we make for our standard RTT would be major overkill for the SuperLite, and the SuperLite’s mounting interface is integrated with the tent bottom.


So will the new “incredibly comfortable 3” foam air hybrid mattress be available for the campers? Thanks :pray:


Would love to have an option to upgrade my mattress panels to a proper 3in thick mattress. I don’t care about storing bedding up there

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I bet the 3in comfortable air foam mattress is only available for rtt. Otherwise you would need an air valve on each individual cushion if it was made for a camper. But maybe.

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We’re gonna need some updates my friends.

Looks like a great product! I especially like the light weight and simple design.

Any thoughts on whether this could be mounted above the cab of a Tacoma rather than above the bed? At 90" long there would be close to 30" overhang which is not ideal, but could be split front/rear.

Mounting above the bed isn’t a good option for me due to carrying MTBs and/or motos in the bed. Some overhang over the bed would be ok but not the full amount.

Thanks for any input!

If you’re cool with overhang and have cross bars or a cab rack, you can totally do that!

Thanks for the reply. I don’t have cross bars or cab rack at this time which means I can buy whatever will work best. Do you have recommendations on racks you expect will work well? I will want to take advantage of the quick release system so I can remove the tent between trips.

The factory Toyota roof rail/rack system lists a 100lb capacity, so it may not be ideal with tent/mattress/bedding approaching that weight. Unless this can mount directly to the rails.

So yeah, add me to the list who’d like to see more detail on those in addition to a walk around or actual detail pics of a tent.


Any updates on a walk around video or at least non-render pictures?

Any pics/renders of it closed? All the pics I have seen are with it open.