MotoTruck Buildout (3 Drawer Slide, 2,500 WH Battery System, 12V Fridge and much more)

Hey Everyone! I figured my first post would be about my DIY MotoTruck Buildout I am doing on my 2018 Tacoma. I am an avid off road motorcyclist and am always on the search for single-track hidden gems. Additionally, I do the occasional SoCal D37 Off-Road Race and most venues are out in the middle of nowhere. With this in mind, the genesis of this build was being able to get/stay at off the grid locations for as long as possible, having my dirt bike in tote with a hitch mounted carrier.

My wife and I are huge OneWheel Fans, and my children ride Stacyc’s, so it was important for me to have the ability to charge our OneWheels/Stacycs/E-Scooters up while boon-docking in the middle of nowhere, without having battery anxiety or using a gasoline generator.

I have designed the layout of the truck bed on Sketchup. So far, I have made the baseplate, 3 drawer kitchenette slide, 12V fridge slide and installed 90% of the electrical system. The plywood used is furniture grade 9 ply 1/2" Baltic birch with 3 coats of bed liner, and the extrusion is 10 series (1").

Battle Born Batteries has sponsored the electrical aspect of MotoTruck and I couldn’t be more honored to have the best Lithium Battery Company in the business on board with my vision! With 2,500 Watt Hours on tap from 2 Battle Born Batteries, 200 Watts of Solar, and a Victron 30 Amp DC to DC Charger, 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter, I will never have to worry about having enough juice to charge or run anything.

The truck bed will have: Kitchen counter with sink and 12V water pump, 5-10 Gallons of fresh water, 4 household AC outlets, numerous USB outlets, 3- National Luna 12V LED Touch Lights with Red/White Function, hard mounted Propex HS2000 with exhaust plumbed out via driver side bed cubby, 12V Fridge on slides, 3 drawer tailgate kitchenette slide and custom one-off molle panels.

This weekend I am finishing up the remainder of the extrusion framework. Stay tuned for more pictures and check out my IG : @enduro_woods_rider if you want to follow along with my build.

I may be doing a blog on, documenting my buildout in the near future, so stay tuned for that too!








Not what I was expecting from the post, but solid build none the less. Do you trailer the bike(s) or maybe a hitch carrier like I do? I was really hoping this would be some sort of secret “garage” build for me to nerd out over :cry:


It will be transported via a hitch mounted system. I can fit my daughter’s Yamaha PW 50 in the bed and take a picture for you if you’d like? lol

For those of you contemplating whether or not to use a baseplate, I highly recommend it. My baseplate is bolted to the bed via 6- 1/4" Carriage Bolts. The aluminum extrusion and anything else I need secured are bolted to the baseplate via t-nuts mounted on the bottom of the baseplate. Last weekend the 10 Series extrusion holding the Kitchenette and 12V Fridge framework had zero movement and performed flawlessly on 4wd trails.

It should be noted I will eventually bolt the extrusion to the OEM bed rails for added security… Here are some pictures of the baseplate. It cost less than $100 to make…


The price of Birch must be so much lower for those you down south, that’s for sure!!! :joy:. Up here in northern BC just the ply alone would be $110, jealous! I always have to resort to buying ‘cull’ plywood which is usually slightly delaminated and I have to wood glue it back together :joy:

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whoa nice! what moto(s) do you ride? I just picked up an Africa Twin myself. Been on the street for 10+ years, and just now getting into dirt. No prior experience, but its definitely fun!


What size are the $110 sheets? My local mom-and-pop boutique lumber yard has 5’ by 5’ sheets for $75.

Congrats on the Africa Twin! It is a phenomenal bike that will do-it-all! I rode street predominately for about 15 years and have owned all kinds of motorcycles; however, within these last 3 years have sold my street legal bikes. I am on my 3rd KTM two stroke and currently ride the 2021 KTM 300XC-W. The KTM 300 platform is designed for enduro single track and is the best dirt bike I have ever ridden.


4 x 8, That was a while back when I was building a studio desk. Great stuff, but wow it’s expensive here in northern BC.

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What suspension mods on the Tacoma for all this weight?


OME Nitro’s with 888 Coils


OME Nitro’s with Deaver AAL give a perfect ride and spring rate to the rear as it currently sets; however, to compensate for the weight of my KTM 300 hanging off the hitch, I am installing Daystar Cradles and Firestone Ride Rite Airbags this weekend


Stage 2 of the extrusion/framework is complete!


Took the wife and kids on a 3 night trip to do a test run on the Battle Born dual battery setup and tailgate kitchen slide system. Everything worked great!


I had “MotoTruck” decals made for my truck and some custom “MotoTruck” molle panels made for the front and back side of the extrusion for the tailgate fridge/kitchen slide. These molle panels will hold canvas bags designed for a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, 2 hammocks, tool kit, and a few other necessities. I am stoked with how they turned out! Both companies were amazing and are on IG. Their handles are: @emmasvinyl (for any custom decal you want), and @barn_built_customs (for any size and design molle panel you want)

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