MotoTruck Buildout (3 Drawer Slide, 2,500 WH Battery System, 12V Fridge and much more)

@Dallas here you go:

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Hey everyone, I’m going to be selling MotoTruck. I just bought a Sprinter and am going to be building it out.

The Tacoma is in excellent condition and looks brand new. Its a 2018 with only 55k miles. I have someone wanting to buy the truck by itself, but am willing to sell the truck fully built as it sets for 60K.

If I end up selling the truck separately, then I will be willing to sell the entire system (GFC, interior, awning, motorcycle rack, shower, plumbing, solar, battery, fridge, 3 drawer slide, etc) as one whole unit for 25k.

Last, but not least, I will sell everything separately but keep the electrical system for my Sprinter build.

I’m best reached by cell 661-332-7175, email:, or DM.

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Holy lord, what an amazing build thread. I will be referring back to this for sure. I am in the process of preparing for camper topper, kitchen, and storage system similar but simpler than yours. Until now, I had not considered being able to bring a motorcycle along with this camper setup on my 2017 Chevy Colorado. I am going to run my own calculations once my brain is more awake, but curious if you have your payload estimates handy?

I believe the Colorado has a bit more payload capacity than the Tacoma, so I am optimistic I will be able to make something work, but may require a new Moto. Currently riding a DR650, which even after being put on a diet is weighing in around 350 vs. ~240 lbs for your KTM.

Anyways, sorry if I am detracting from your sales attempts, just wondering if you have some easily available numbers to share :slight_smile:


I am sure I was well over the GVWR on many occasions by a couple hundred pounds or so when I had my KTM mounted up. The Firestone Ride Rites with Day Star Cradles handled it perfectly fine with zero issues.

Update: The interior buildout has been sold to @md666. The Tacoma has been sold as well, and a buyer is coming from Santa Cruz to pick the GFC up this Saturday.


What are you going to do with the sprinter? That’s my next move as well. I love the gfc on my Jeep but sprinters are amazing.

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I bought a 170 AWD Cargo and am doing a full buildout to seat 4/ sleep 4, with shower/toilet, 48V AC and 10KWH Battery Bank. We are stoked to start the build!

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I’d say post build pics to here if you remember! Based on your truck build out, I can only imagine how sick this will turn out.


Thank you! I will post some build pics when I get underway

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Interior Buildout is available. I will be posting on the Marketplace thread