MotoTruck Buildout (3 Drawer Slide, 2,500 WH Battery System, 12V Fridge and much more)

Nice build!, i really like how you put everything together. it works. everything has its own space.

thanks for the electrical ideas. also the gray flooring looks way better than the brown!

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@vkong526 Thank you! Its been a work in progress and I am on the home stretch! :raised_hands:t3:

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I mounted up a $39.00 “Bike Carrier Fork Mount” on top of one of the beef racks to transport my road bike. It came with different diameter axle inserts for thru axle bicycles and appears to be very secure. The rear tire rests perfectly on top of the rear beef rack and the rear tire will be held in place by a soft strap. For those of you who ride bicycles and have two beef racks mounted up, this setup worked perfectly.


Great build, thanks for sharing!

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@Trey_Warren Thank you!

I’ve been following your build since the beginning, but just now noticed that sticker above your rear window. Shocked I haven’t seen you around town!


@sethbakescake Yeah I am good friends with Sam and Kerry at Action Sports… You have a GFC? I have recently seen a couple around town…

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Not yet, aiming for the beginning of the new year. I’ve only seen one around town so far, but I’m sure that’ll change soon!

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The Fam and I camped out in Big Sur for 5 days during Thanksgiving break. I was able to load up:

(2) Onewheels,
(2) Stacyc Kids E-Motorcycles,
(1) Running Stroller,
(5) Folding Chairs,
(1) Electric Scooter,
(2) Duffel Bags,

on the roof of the GFC! The GFC handled it like a breeze too!