Mounting a solar panel on the roof

I’m prepping my solar setup and wanted to mount a flexible solar panel on the roof. I was planning on doing it with VHB tape. Am I fine to mount it directly on the roof or should I first wrap the roof and then mount it?

Directly to the roof is how most of us have done it

My concern is with removing it once you do that. Have you tried it/needed to do it?

Haven’t had to remove mine so no clue… I vote never remove it :slightly_smiling_face:

Mounted directly to the honeycomb. I plan on blacking out the inside of the panel with outdoor carpet vs wrapping the roof.

You don’t need a lot of VHB tape. The 3M stuff is stronkkkk AF. It was overkill but that sucker wasn’t going anywhere.


How much VHB tape did you put on?

I used an entire roll of This to stick my renogy 175w panel on


Nice! Same as I got then. Just out of curiosity how did you route cables ?

I routed them along the front of the Ttrack then under the platform. I created some custom 3D printed zip tie tnuts to hold the wires; Check em out here> (3D Printable Goodies)