3D Printable Goodies

Got bored over the weekend and wasn’t happy with the wire management solutions that I’ve seen so I decided to create some printable twist in zip-tie mounts along with some Tnuts to hold the wire in the channels (see below). Feel free to download and print for yourselves. If anyone has other suggestions, let me know! I can always create more as people want/need. If you’ve created anything you’d like to share, please drop it below! Would love to make this a thread for sharing creations with others.

This is a link to a bunch of Track Nuts (Tnuts) I have modeled and have been using as well.

Note - No grantee how much these will hold and will depend on the material used.


I would love some wire holders. How much are you thinking if enough people are interested?

@nat3060 if enough people were interested I could definitely print a bunch. There are also printing services where you can just upload the file and select the material if you don’t own an 3D printer. I’ll have to look further into shipping costs if people rather have me print and sell!

Public libraries often have 3D printers as well. You would likely only need to bring a flash drive with the .stl file.

I would note that you would probably want to print these in PETG or another more heat-tolerant plastic than PLA.

Nice! I just sent out a bunch of the clips I did for people to test. Cool how you came up with a similar yet different useful design! Very cool!!!

@m0to Can never have too many designs! Can’t wait to hear what people think of yours; very clean design!

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@rw44 I have it noted on the website with the file. If its for interior, should be alright with something less heat tolerant however will vary on where you live. :metal:t3:

I made these 3d printed wire clips for the solar cables. They are sized specifically for size I needed.


Looks great! Do you just loosen the track and slide them in? Or just installed then ran the cable through?

Thanks! They were designed to clip in over the cable. It’s too tight to slide the cable through afterwards. The cable helps to keep pressure on the clips in the track to keep it in place.

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Nice! Pretty much the same thing I did. Looks great!