Mounting Awning How to

Thought I’d start a new topic with a tighter focus. Lots of us will be using a variety of awnings to increase the available shade, some will get fancy others will pull the old one out of storage as I did.

I just mounted up my ARB 2000 awning to the camper using 2 of the GFC Awning Brackets.

First because results are often more appreciate than the how to

The 2000 is a good length with the camper, looks much better than it did with the Prinsu CabRack it was previously mounted on.

I installed it solo so there was some failed attempts on the way. My first attmept was in a Home Depot parking lot while burning time waiting on someone. Installed the brackets but they ended up not having the appropriate hardware in stock.

Found what I needed at Lowe’s
8 - M6 x 20mm Hex Bolts
8 - M6 Nylock nuts
8 - 1/4" Fender Washers

The 2nd attempt involved mounting the brackets to the awning first. I thought I could just align the t-nuts and twist them into place. Turns out it’s hard holding a heavy 6ish foot item perfectly in place with one hand.

I gave in and mounted the brackets first, aligning the bolts on the awning was a bit challenging but I managed. I started with the top bolts which were easy to reach with a ratcheting wrench, then jammed my hand in from underneath to get the bottom bolts. While fighting the rear bracket I remembered I could just open the tent and have plenty of room to use a deepwell socket. So, pro tip, bring a friend, open the tent halfway so the tent sides aren’t tight.

Post up how you mounted your awning, which sizes fit where, any challenges you had or tips you’ve got.


Are you sure that is the 2500? It looks shorter like the 2000. I have the 2500 on mine and its just over 8ft long. I’m used the first gen GFC awning brackets and installed it by myself at home. Mounted the brackets first then the awning to the brackets.

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6 ft so you are correct, 2000 not 2500

I also found it much, much easier to mount the brackets to the tent first; the t-nuts are just too difficult to align consistently. One trick I’ve found that helps is once the t-nut is in the channel, to use the Allen key to rotate it (the Allen key you’re using for the 10- or 1/4 bolts should snugly fit against the thread of the t-nut) before you begin to screw the bolt in.

I used three of the GFC brackets to mount a James Baroud 8’ awning to the tent - figured it would distribute the load more evenly. The length of the awning almost perfectly matches the tent, and there’s no fiddly bag to deal with.

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I have a Kinsmen awning to install some time over the next week. I’m pretty sure I won’t be one-handing it in place.


Out of curiosity when did you purchase the Kinsmen awning? After having there child he is a hard guy to get a hold of.

Thanks for any feedback!

FWIW, I ordered mine on Sept. 2nd and according to UPS tracking it will arrive Monday (Dec. 30th).

Hope you enjoy it! If the opportunity exists provide a report after a few uses? Enjoy your New Year!

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Fyi, I was the first GFC owner with both the new aluminum tubes and to try to install the kinsmen awning. There is interference between the two in the rear corner. I had to file either the aluminum bar or kinsmen bracket about 1/8 inch or so to resolve the issue. I contacted kinsmen and he said that he was working on updating the rear mount.


I ordered my Kinsmen awning in May, and received it the first week of December. I’m going to try to install it tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

Matt and I emailed a few times about delays and changes in GFC’s design. I opted to stick with his original bracket to be used with the steel GFC tube. After refurbishing the tube, I’m not too worried about it rusting again. If it does, I’ll install the aluminum tube and modify as needed, or I may make a stainless steel tube instead.

Good to know it’s not too big of a problem.

If you’d post some photos of the rear tube and how the Kinsmen awning attaches, I’d appreciate it. I’ve yet to see any photos of the new tubes.

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A Kinsmen-specific post would be awesome. That’s the only awning I’d want to get, but since having the new aluminum tubes put on I’ve been apprehensive. 1/8th of an inch doesn’t seem like too much interference at all!

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I’m working on my truck right now so this was an easy snap to take. You can see the amount I had to file down in the picture. It is it negligible. The kinsmen brackets are starting to chip paint so I might take it off and add them to my rest bumper powder coat work in a month or so.


Awesome thanks for the quick photo. That is the original Kinsmen bracket they made? Totally looks worth the 1/8th destruction of either piece, I just love the idea of a 270 with no legs

Yep, it’s the original. Definitely worth it.

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thanks for the list of parts. I took the list, shopped and it worked perfectly with the CVT awning I installed today. I did GFC brackets to the awning first, then with 2 people held awning over the track nuts, pressed in place and added dog bone and last screws. Had to work the last 2 nuts and screws a bit but it turned out for us to be the easiest way to do it

What’s the spacing on the bolt holes, that mount to the track, for the go fast camper awning bracket? If you could measure that, it would be greatly appreciated!

Kinsmen wouldn’t even let my buy a mounting bracket if I didn’t use it with their awning. They were concerned it would “tarnish” their brand to use it in any way other than it’s purely intended use. I was hoping you use it with another awning I could get and could afford. Guess not.

@Pocketsand You are really butthurt about this aren’t you? You’ve posted this several times in old, dead threads. Maybe they don’t want to deal with people trying to universalize their parts when it was not intended to be. Get over it.

@Hoooogan yessir I am. Color me butthurt. It’s a bit of a dick move. Not sure why they should care what I do with their product after I give them money for it. Never come across this in all my years of screwing around in the Tacoma community.