Mounting via Toyota Deck Rail

Hey everyone, I am picking up my Platform camper in March. Someone in the FB group mentioned that they wish they had theirs mounted in their Tundra via the Toyota deck rails vs the underbed clamps. However, I later saw a post (maybe by GFC/an employee) that this may no longer be best practice and they prefer to use the clamps?

Just wondering if anyone knows if they still mount using the deck rails, I bought a set for my truck and would love to use/keep them in for buildout reasons.


Picking mine up in two days (2016 Tundra DC). I went back and forth on putting on rails or not then landed on not. I’m no engineer but my mind tells me that attaching the canopy, no matter how light it is, is structurally more sound to the body than the 4-5 M6 fasteners holding the rail to the body.

Reasoning? Good ole’ fashion gut feeling on what I’m comfortable with. I know hundreds have done it to rails but I’ll be trimming some unistrut to fasten into the bed between the clamps after bedrug install. This hillbilly’s 2c

Great question! We recommend either option, and there are no issues when mounting to the Toyota track system/ deck rails. Both are mighty strong, and we haven’t had any negative feedback.

So go ahead and keep them installed for mounting the camper and anything else for your build in the future. We’re stoked to see how that comes along, so share with the forum once you start the process!

Catch you in March!

Thanks Thayne! Glad they won’t be a waste.

Looking forward to picking it up! Wish I had set my pickup date earlier, but I also really wanted to spend St Patricks in Butte.