Need V1 Bug Idea

Hey Guys,

I find that the bugs tend to get around the fabric by the snaps over night. Also, sometimes I will pop the tent when we get to camp, enjoy the fire, and hop into bed only to find little flies up top, sometimes the odd moth.
Doesn’t bother me so much as the wifey, but you know how that goes. At least it hasn’t been spiders haha

I have a V1 and never had any bugs inside and I camp in areas that are full of mosquitos and so far never had any flying pests inside.

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hmm, we have these real tiny flies (smaller than mosquitoes) here in alberta/british columbia that like to sneak in.

maybe try spraying bug spray or some natural type bug spray along the bottom of the tent where the snaps are.

I run a thermacell for an hour b4 bed… it seems to convince them that they are not welcome… not sure how useful it is on non mosquitos though…

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I read on here (somewhere) that a camper tucked some foam rolls into the area between the mattress and the fabric. They were the type of rolls that could be used at the bottom of concrete joints, available at a Home Depot/Lowe’s store. I have found a few bugs sneak into my V1…have not had so much that I shopped for the foam roll yet.

eliminate what they are attracted to. Maybe turn lights off, or go to an amber/orange lighting as they are not as attracted as normal cool/warm leds.

Backer rod.

More ideas here:

Red light discipline all the way. We have copious insects here in OK, especially down in the Ouchitas where I camp. Not enough hard freezes and 50-60+ inches of rain per year. I always end up with a few little flies and a random moth, but I only use red light. Not only in the tent, but my head lamp as well.

I’m in the same boat, I don’t really care, but my wife and kid…whole other story.

Good luck.

The 1” foam joint filler works great. it also helps prevent cold air from getting in and water intrusion along the side of the extrusions.

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