Netting on panel for storage?

Has anyone put netting hanging from the panel to store pillows/etc?

I have these crappy wire holders that of course wont hold it, but I wanted to give an idea of what im thinking. Also this netting is too small, but again it was to give an idea of what im thinking.

Like this?

A lot of people have this or a diy version. I’ve seen people run netting on the back panel(panel against the cab) as well.

I have two bungees in the spot that the vrnclr goes but it doesn’t work that well lol.

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I wonder how its mounted to the panel

This is the one I was talking about.

But the vernacular catch utilizes the front grommets and then soft loops around the side arm frame.

I believe people have drilled extra holes and added mounting points along the front fixed panel.

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That would be ideal, but I have a shower and stuff mounted to a molle panel

disclaimer: I haven’t done this but… you can use a small screw and washer through the honeycomb panel. It shouldn’t effect the structural integrity as long as you don’t use too many and make them too tight. I’d use beefier clips though:

or if you plan on storing concrete blocks in there, some conduit straps, but that’s probably over kill. just spit balling here BTW

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The cable holders I have are pretty strong and would actually hold, the adhesive on the backing sucks and thats what pops off. Not sure if a strong adhesive would help since the clip is such a small surface area. I thought about using a screw but was worried about structural issues. I guess I will just have to play around with different options and see what works.

agree with the small surface area and probably wouldn’t hold up long with just the pressure from the netting alone. a limited number of small holes in the honeycomb won’t weaken it.

I can’t remember who has dun it on here but it has been done to achieve exactly what you are trying to accomplish. hopefully they come along and share their experience

@nat3060 Maybe a distinction without a difference, do you mean the transform-a-floor panel, or the panel at the wedge end of the tent?

the transform-a-floor panel

If you find a cable clip with a larger VHB backing, use 3M 06396 and you’d be surprised how well they’ll hold. That stuff is pretty stout.


I have a $15 net from Amazon hanging under my front panel. It’s connected via the built in tracks from GFC. I use the canyon dancer rings

  • also from Amazon.

My cargo net is a general version meant to have a two sided “basket” net in an suv so I fold it in half & use zip ties & some bungee cords stretched across the bottom in an X shape to give the net the shape and tension I want. It’s my $40 version of a nice gear loft and it works flawlessly for two Hest full size pillows and a dual person sleeping bag.

I would have went with that, but I have stuff against that wall that would be in the way