New GFC Tent Design

I saw a few photos on the GFC Facebook page in early Jan but it seems they were deleted.

Looks like GFC added in pockets inside the tent on the windows and also added a fabric strip to bottom of the window screens. Good improvements, not sure why GFC hasn’t highlighted this on their Instagram or this forum.

Any pictures from new GFC owners would be appreciated!

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Was wondering about this too. Have only seen it on two videos for a brief second and was wondering why it wasn’t a bigger deal to people?

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Photo from recent GFC FB Page post

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I just had my camper installed Tuesday, and I can confirm it comes with pockets on all 3 windows, if you got the side window option.


Awesome. Strange it wasn’t explained more. Did you get a double sided key as well? I heard that was another addition

Yes, my key is double sided. Didn’t realize the keys weren’t double sided before.

Did a quick search and found this video. He doesn’t go over the pockets but they can be seen when he goes inside.

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kinda seems like this does away with the reason that the bottom of the tent fly is open to allow passive airflow. It’s nice to see that there can be some privacy lying in bed now with the fly fully open, but this kinda feels like the bare minimum update to the tent.


Yeah, this seems like such an odd update to me. I agree that it helps some with the privacy issue but like not really. Would rather not have that material permanently there. As for pockets it seems like overkill. Interested to hear what GFC was really going for with this.


Double sided key might mean a better lock core. I believe the previous core is a pin tumbler, but double sided keys usually mean wafer tumblers (tho not always). I sure would welcome better lock cores, especially if they are lower insertion force so they don’t fight the button (and also double sided means I don’t have to give a shit about key orientation).


I don’t like writing on forums but I have been lurking quite a bit and gotten a lot of information from other posters on a host of topics. So I feel like I should contribute something.

It’s not much but, I asked about the changes because my camper shipment date was delayed for the new design and received the following in an email from GFC:

"We are beginning to make some improvements on our tent design, with some already implemented into tents like yours! We will be having a more formal announcement after the first of the year to clarify all differences in the tent!

Additionally, we are beginning to roll in updated lock cores that will have a spring loaded lock gate and a double sided key into our panel latch systems!

I hope that helps, and please let us know if you need anything else!"

Make of the email what you will. My camper has not shipped yet so I don’t have any first hand info.


I’m hoping GFC will offer that double sided key option for previous owners. We just got ours late last year and was already fortunate enough to get the upgraded formafloor pads and billet bed clamps.


Billet bed clamps have been in the camper since/before October 2022 as they were in mine.

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That’s a screen shot from an email I got in December of last year. I wonder if we’re talking about the same thing?

Are you referencing that big billet clamp? If so, those have been included for a little bit now.

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@MICA5642 picked up October 2022 and they were on there. Looks exactly the same to me :man_shrugging:t4:

Idk on why they would say it’s a new upgrade either? :man_shrugging: let’s ask them. @GFC_Support

Not sure why they had that added as a “new” upgrade but maybe cuz there was no announcement they added them? Possibly to help make the price increase seem more appropriate? Regardless the bullet mounts have been around for some time. The real “new” upgrades are the turbo nap mattress, tent changes (less mesh & pockets) and double sided keys for the latches.

That said, I don’t think they need upgrades as a reason for a price increase. Everything has gotten more expensive so totally understandable to raise prices on the camper.