New GFC Tent Design

Also, anyone know what “Key Number” means?

I just emailed asking for the new dual sided locks and they sent me an invoice link to pay.

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look on your keys

Why would my current keys have any bearing on purchasing new locks?

Because the latch kit does not come with keys

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But aren’t the new latches used with double sided keys? The original latches use a one sided key hence the nightmare.

because the screenshot you sent is for replacement latches, not the new ones. So if you need to replace an existing latch you’ll want one one keyed the same as your others. it sounds like to get the “new” latches you’ll need to go through support.


See my question above that screenshot - I was inquiring what latch kit contained, new or old latches, but that answers my question.

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I also don’t see this seam, which on my camper seems to exist to endlessly and relentlessly wick moisture and the fabric look taunter than my tent as well.

The lower perimeter seam was definitely phased out a year or more ago, most likely due to the issue you’re describing. GFC replaced my tent under warranty given the significant water intrusion issues I experienced from that seam alone.

I’d issues with a support ticket going awry and languishing, and water intrusion through this seam was part of the complaint. I did end up getting service under what can only be described as extraordinary customer service circumstances for several of my issues but I’m still on my own trying to seal this seam. My tent has NEVER been “4 season” if it’s at all wet outside it’s wet inside. Even making allowances for single vs double wall etc etc my $80 Kelty tent is more weatherproof than my GFC, in large part because of that seam.

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Best I could come up with was copious amounts of seam sealer on both the interior and exterior of that seam around the entire perimeter.

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Yup, seam sealer and Nixwax waterproofing in a spray bottle are the remedies that were suggested to me. Unbelievably disappointing to have a product at this price point fail this way and be left to deal with it yourself.

Look at your key for current locks. It has a number on it.

I emailed GFC about the new latches. They sent me an invoice, I ordered them and they arrived about 5 days later. Just installed them yesterday - easy peasy. I took the old ones and threw them in the trash. The new keys are SO much better


I just got the new tent installed in my GFC, #4749. My original tent had delaminating zippers and some small water wicking along the bottom seam so they updated it to the new design with the sewn zippers and no seam.

I can post detailed pictures of the pockets. The pocket material on the inside is nice, its almost like a neoprene material.

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That’s awesome, yes please post some pics!