New to me V1 platform RTT

Howdy folks,

I was fortunate enough to find a used v1 RTT and I just brought it home on some custom adapter plates.

I have it mounted on 2 cross bars on my RSI cap, they are similar to front runner sized bars (2.5" wide, 45.5" long, 1" thick. They have a channel for an m8 bolt on top and bottom.

My current predicament is the previous owner had the clamps that mount to the exterior extrusions and squeeze cross bars, but my bars are too short. (The clamps are about 54.5" apart.

Do they have an option for a long tslot rail underneath going longways?

Thanks guys, stoked to get this thing out in the wild!

The platform rtt on an RSI cap sounds pretty dang awesome! I’m not sure if I saw it here or on Fbook but I remember seeing a picture of someone figuring out a way to remove the cross bars and flush mount the rtt to the cap. Was a pretty sweet looking set up, I’ll try to find wherever I saw it!

In this forum a person mounted a GFC RTT to an RSI Cap. Search for " GFC RTT Mounting to a Cap" and you’ll find it.

Here is the link. GFC RTT Mounting to a Cap


Replied on that thread as well, that setup looks almost too perfect! I’d like to keep my roof rack if possible and the roof rack is only about 1/2" tops over the tacoma shark fin.

I do want to scoot it up maybe an inch or 3 but not sure about having both supports behind the struts.