No RTT Needed

No roof top tent needed. Goal is to keep the truck light and nibble with simplicity in mind. I also pull into a lot of parking garages so clearance was a consern. At the end of the day I mainly just need a place to sleep not a place to camp out of.


Future plans are a small solar panal setup just to run the fridge and other odds and ends. These builds can get out of control quick so I’m going to do my best to stick with my needed goals. Thanks for constructive feedback.


That’s a solid setup right there! If I ever get enough money to build out another rig, that’s the concept I would go with. Back to basics!

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Love this setup. Like @Dignon said, my next run is going to be something simpler, and I would love to go without any tent fabric.

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Ok, that’s pretty cool! I also have a topper, but with the Superlite for camping. Sometimes being lighter and less obvious is better. Did you make that sleeping platform? I might steal that idea for stealth camping.

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Love the sleeping platform. When did those sick new mounts become standard, instead of the wellnuts?

I want a set.

I wish I was short enough to sleep in the bed of a pickup that doesn’t have a 8 foot bed


Lol being short <6’ is a requirement. Probably should of had that in the title.

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What a rad idea, nicely done!

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What lighting setup do you use for the topper

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I was going to make the cot or convert a military cot over to work but just didn’t have the time. RB Components and someone else makes cots for sprinter vans. Search for Van sleeping platform or the like. This one is a RB Components one, it fits perfect but is way over priced. I just happened to catch them when they were blowing out their older models to scoop this one up.


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I don’t have any lighting on the topper itself. Already had KChiLites Cyclones in each corner of the bed. The draw is so low on these that I just run them off the factory cargo switch. At some point I’ll probably add lighting to the topper itself if it proves to be a need. Red lights would be nice because these do attract the bugs.

KC HiLites Cyclones link

Not sure which mounts you speak of. The machined ones are GFC, the other brackets are RB Components modified to work with the cott. Thank you.

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These are something new. My camper has rubber wellnuts where these are.


Agreed - these look awesome. The Platform Camper doesn’t have these, can they be retrofitted?

At the moment, these are exclusive to Toppers and Chase Frames. That’s by no means me saying we’re working on a retrofit, but it’s not the first time we’ve heard folks wanting these as well. If that changes, we’ll be sure to announce it here.


These are nice to have and handy! But, they should also be offered on the door/tailgate side, not just the other 3 sides.

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Couple more daytime shots.



Great setup, I’ve been scratching my head to make something similar. What are you using for the hinge side? Also tell me about the cot itself (homemade?) Is the platform commercially available?

I spoke of that in a previous post above. But its an older RB Components model that i scooped up on clearence. Search for “van sleep platform” and youll find a couple companies that make simular ones.

… slick!