Non Tacos; Who has a New Ford Ranger Build?

I know us “New” Ford Ranger people are few and far between VS the Taco builds but I’ll be picking up my V2 in November and would love to see how other New Ford Ranger builds have turned out? My current truck is a 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat 4x4 in black…I realize now I should have probably gone with the fx4 package but hindsight’s 20 20. I’ve seen 3 or 4 V2 Ranger pickups on the GFC website but I haven’t seen many people post shots in the wild. Cheers and thanks for checking in on what you’ve got! Post coming from Virginia.


Thanks for starting this thread :grinning: I don’t have current pix so I pulled these from my IG.

2019 FX4
Eibach Pro Truck lift
Deaver rear leaf from APG
Warn VR 10-S w/ 589 Fab mount
Decked Drawer system
KMC Impact 17x9 w/ 285/70
RTR Fender flares
RRW rock sliders
80/20 roof rack
Shittco tent pole blocks
OVS 270 LT awning with RackBlox mounts
1” latex topper to the mattress
Adding Zroadz ditch lights , gmrs radio, redarc trailer control, Forscan tweets and other goodies in the near future.

I really like this truck, even more than my old Tacoma or F250. I’d enjoy seeing pix from others on their bed set up as I’m at a loss for my layout ideas.

Thanks again.


I couldn’t build a deck so opted for a chest and fridge. The chest is made out of pallets that were destined for the landfill.

@Ten8_overland feel free to get tacoma decal


@Ten8_overland @blackhearse appreciate you both including some of the work you’re doing. No hate on my end regarding tacos, just was hoping to get a glimpse of what types of things people are doing with the ranger specifically. I know that most of what we’re doing camper wise cross platform regardless of truck will all be about the same, but I do know that suspension, upgrades etc. will be different for the ranger. Just though it would be nice to begin discussions on what people are doing both with their campers AND their trucks. @blackhearse totally dig it bench concept you built out! I’ll likely do something like this with my yeti on our trips. May upgrade later to an electric system but we’ll see! Love the pic BTW

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The most famous Ranger build for your viewing pleasure:


I have a dual battery in the chest with the renogy 20 amp charger. funny story how i got it for free. I had the Victron Energy 12/12 -30 but it never charged the battery consistently no matter how the setting were.

I needed the space to store things on a daily basis so limiting headroom with a deck wasn’t an option. fridge and chest stay in almost full time but they are easy enough for me to remove by myself

and no it doesn’t matter what truck you drive it all. I just extremely dislike toyota, nissan and honda. you can’t get 1700 lbs payload off the lot with any of them like my ranger


Thanks @Ben also…would love to invite @GoFastRanger and @whiteranger to the party!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here. Sadly I do not have my 2019 ranger anymore. However I have a 2021 ranger now :joy:. Hindsight 20/20, sold the ranger then missed it so much I got another one. Biggest regret ever. However I intend to build my own GFC like camper in the future. Regardless I’ll post some photos of the 19 ranger in memory lol.


Is that an American flag skid plate!?

Yes, yes it is. New ranger has it too, just an added touch I enjoy.

Did you just drill through the honeycomb panel to mount the maxtrax? Love that location, never would of thought of that. How has it held up? Is it just the standard maxtrax pins?

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I made a custom mount for them. Basically two pieces of sheet metal one on each end with 2 pieces of L track running between the two ends. And standard maxtrax pins in the sheet metal. Width of the rails the panels sat in so it’s removable and just sandwiched between the long panel and rails.


Building out an APG ProRunner Ranger with a GFC now.


love the cactus gray. what did you use to cover the side vents on the fender?


Factory fenders and bed sides have been replaced with carbon fiber to accommodate the long travel suspension setup

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Uploading: IMG_2498.jpg…

Here’s mine. Nothing exciting in terms of mods. I added the following:
Bed rug
Iron Man 4x4 Fridge Slide
Solar mounted to the top charging the Dometic battery for the fridge.
12V Bed Plug

I have a strip of L track across the back of the bed to help keep things secure (Maxtrax, Wolf Pack Boxes, Ladder).


2021 w/ Tremor pkg

Not much done except 100 watt solar on top with DIY rack, Vernacular top shelf bag and few other odds and ends