Ohio Meet up Rigs/Coffee/Beer

Edit: Meet is set for January 21st!

Looking to do a meet up with some Ohio GFC owners after the holidays, something like rigs and coffee (or Beer).

Some place we can meet up, shoot the shit, look at/learn about your builds or experiences and whatever else unfolds.

Currently thinking about Columbus or Cincinnati area, I’m about 2 hours away from either of those.

Open to any and all suggestions


Harrison State Forest has a range, trails, free camping with facilities, usually empty except during deer season(over now), never seen a ranger or any kind of state/fed employee

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ha finally remembered 1 Ohioan screen name @Rattler all I could think was sewverlander

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As a former Ohioan, just lurking. Don’t mind me!

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Former Ohioan here as well…. Two years in Columbus up until last spring…… lurking here too!

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I’m for it. Are you guys thinking like a 1 or 2 night weekend camp or a day/few hour visit?

overnighter would be perfect

Honestly either, I’m sure there’s some who want to camp and I’m sure there’s some others who’d rather do a few nights once it’s warmer

I’ll even volunteer to make dinner for everybody. I just need to know how many to cook for.

I won’t drive 2-3 hours each way to hang for a couple. a camp spot would be great for those of us who would stay over night and of course you are welcome to come and go as you please.

cold and snow ain’t no thing just hold my beer and watch this.


What’s a good date in January for you guys?

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mlk is 1/16. maybe that weekend?

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39.60845970661334, -82.2476522553398

stone church trailhead maybe? by the responses it may be only 3 vehicles and it might be closer to you guys. I’ve never been there but looks ok for day use and overnight. plus it’s on county road so probably won’t be closed

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I am about a 5hr drive from this location…
My GFC is supposed to be showing up around this time, if its on my truck, i will be sure to be there…


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You don’t need a GFC to come on out but you might catch flack if you sleep on the ground like a peasant.


Can we do that Saturday 1/14? I’m a few hours away and I work on the 16th unfortunately

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I can do that. how about @Rattler @Casablanca and anybody else?

as a side note it won’t be deer muzzle loader weekend so we won’t have to worry about that


Im hanging on my delivery. They said January… originally said Dec…
Persoanlly I’d say the next weekend. But if i dont make it, we can plan another for early summer and I’ll show.

that sounds VERY familiar, I had February build then may/june and didn’t get it until end of July. so…

Yea, I’m kind of over being frustrated. I’m stoked on my purchase either way, just playing their game.

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